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Delivery in Australia Registered Post – standard services Standard service Registered Post is available with selected domestic letter services. Registered Post within Australia includes: • • • • • A unique identification number for each article • Compensation up to $100 included for loss or damage** Signature obtained on delivery Track events as each article progresses through the Australia Post network* Optional prepaid envelopes or Registered Post labels or imprints Proof of posting only when an article is presented at a Post Office counter and accompanied by a Registered Post lodgement form (8836964/65) or lodgement receipt The charge for Registered Post prepaid envelopes includes postage (for delivery in Australia), tracking* and the Registered Post fee. Registered Post prepaid envelopes are delivered to the Regular timetable with the option to purchase and affix a Priority label for faster delivery (see page 4). Envelope size (mm) 130 x 240 – to enclose a DL envelope B4 (250 x 353) Maximum Weight Thickness (g) (mm) Charge per item $ Charge per pack of 10 $ Charge per pack of 10 ~ (when purchasing 5+ packs) $ Total minimum charge (when purchasing 5 packs of 10) $ 250 5 6.20 60.45 58.90 294.50 500 20 8.10 79.00 76.95 384.75 ~ In order to receive this per pack price, you must purchase at least 5 packs of 10. The total price you pay will vary depending on how many packs of 10 you purchase above the minimum 5 packs. Labels The charge for Registered Post labels includes the Registered Post Fee, tracking* but not postage. Registered Post item Charge $4.85 per article Registered Post label on lodgement of article Prepaid Registered Post labels single $4.85 per article box of 50 $203.70 per box DELIVERY IN AUSTRALIA – REGISTERED POST Prepaid envelopes Imprints The charge for Registered Post Imprints includes the Registered Post fee, tracking*, and postage. Priority Timetable Regular Timetable Size Weight (g) Over Up to Barcoded Residue $ Unbarcoded Residue Barcoded Residue $ $ Unbarcoded Residue $ Small 0 125 5.490 5.615 5.200 5.260 Small Plus 0 125 5.925 6.410 5.570 5.950 0 125 6.925 6.965 6.375 6.415 125 250 7.400 7.890 6.850 7.340 250 500 8.065 8.680 7.515 8.130 Large Add-on features Extra Cover for loss or damage. $2.50 for each $100, or part thereof, of extra cover for items valued between $100 and $5,000. $2.95 Person-to-person# The Registered Post article must be signed for by the person named in the address. Charge per article purchased at the time of lodgement. $6.50 * Track events will vary depending on how your item is lodged and delivered. For details visit ** You may also have additional rights to a remedy under the Australian Consumer Law. If you wish to send valuable items, we recommend you add Extra Cover prior to sending your item. For more information, ask at your local Post Office or visit # 12 Postage and Registered Post fee are not included. STANDARD SERVICES Delivery confirmation# The sender of a Registered Post article receives a card signed by the recipient. Charge per article purchased at the time of lodgement.

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