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Telstra Corporation Limited is an Australian telecommunications company that offers a variety of services in telecommunications networks, voice markets, mobile, internet access, television, and other products that all belong in this area. Telstra is a member of S&P/ASX 20 and it’s the biggest Australian telecommunications provider with the biggest market share. It’s certainly not for nothing since Telstra has been providing excellent services for the lowest prices possible to its customers for more than a century. It was founded as a part of the Postmaster-General’s Department in 1901 and it began as a completely privatized company in 1975 with its headquarters in Telstra Corporate Centre, Melbourne, Australia.

Support your dreams with a strong network

Telstra has something for everyone, due to its experiences with customers it has grown to be one of the most successful enterprises there is. If you need a solid background for your daily calls, watching television or you just want to start your business or continue to grow it with everything working top-notch, you should choose Telstra. YOu can communicate through webmail, login to your account „My Account“ and pick one of the plans that suit your needs, and fulfill your requirements. You can always choose prepaid services or you can pay up every time. The price is always changing for the better for customers since Telstra has a lot of competitors.

Get your media to one place

TV, phone number, internet or other mobile services, you can do it all together with Telstra. You just have to call them or visit them a tone of their locations. You would be surprised how huge the coverage map is since they provide services to most customers. YOu can also shop online without doing anything like calls or visits. IF you want to compare your current provider with Telstra, just run a speed test from their official website and you will soon know that there is nothing like Telstra.


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