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About Bing Lee

Bing Lee is an Australian retailer of electrical goods, and ranked among the country’s Top 200 private companies by revenue. They began in 1957 when the founder, Bing Lee, purchased an electrical repair business in Sydney’s western suburbs. Together with his son, they transformed the store into an electrical retail, installation and repairs business. The area was home to a large wave of migrants. Bing Lee, being a migrant himself, put faith in his customers and provided them with credit they would otherwise not receive. This proved to be a competitive edge.

The surging demand for household electrical goods among the working class migrants was a recipe for success. Today, Bing Lee caters to all Australians with more than 40 stores across New South Wales, Victoria and the Australian Capital Territory. They remain a family business treating their staff, suppliers and customers as family.

Their extensive range includes televisions, computers, laptops, fridges, washing machines, cameras, ovens, phones, audio equipment and exercise bikes. Among their brand-leading products, you can find the Apple watch series, Microsoft Office, Huawei Smartphones, Samsung Galaxy tablets and more.

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Store locations and opening hours

There are more than 40 Bing Lee stores, mostly in New South Wales but also in Victoria and the Australian Capital Territory. Click here to find a store near you. Opening hours may vary.

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