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Delivery in Australia Post Office Boxes and Locked Bags Post office boxes and locked bags annual charges The service year for Post Office boxes is calculated from 1 April to 31 March. For services leased between 1 May to 31 January, pro rata fees are payable in advance for the remainder of the service year. The pro rata charge for each month is one twelfth of the annual fee. Any lease that starts in February or March will include charges for a full year in addition to pro rata fees. Australia Post calculates charges for Post Office boxes from the first day of the month in which the service starts to the last day of the month in which the service ends. Service* Standard Specified** General Post Office (GPO) Reduced rate*** Regular Regular Regular $153 $240 $338 $52 Medium Post Office box $229 $358 $524 $78 A4 Post Office box $302 $477 $675 - Large Post Office box $365 $587 $825 $110 Jumbo Post Office box $704 $1,116 $1,186 - Locked bag $545 $729 $905 $166 Bag / tray with Post Office box (plus Post Office box charge) $403 $541 $654 $140 Administration fees Establishment fees Re-activation fee Cancellations by customers $20 (includes 2 keys) $28 $35 (unused service fees exceeding $35 are refunded) Locks and keys Additional/replacement key New locks for Post Office boxes Locked bag $14 each additional or replacement key $32 The bag-holder may supply a padlock and, if supplied, must provide the Post Office with a key PO Box Plus Annual fee Excess articles fee $26 annually (monthly pro rata calculated and paid in advance) $3 per article (3rd party articles in excess of 50 per PO Box year) Private bags For deliveries by mail contractor or to addressees whose premises are beyond the areas serviced by postal delivery officers. Deliveries each week Regular 1 to 3 $140 4 or more $259 Mail bag purchase Available to locked bag and private mail bag holders only. Size Dimensions (mm) Price Large 900 x 740 $66 Small 760 x 460 $56 In Your Capital City GPO Box service Provides business customers with a common address in each State and Territory GPO. Apply at your nearest GPO. Service Regular Common box $2,915 *All sizes not available at all outlets. Additional $5 Pay on Time discount is available to existing Post Office box and bag non-business customers who renew their service by 31 March 2024. **Canberra, Hobart and Darwin GPOs and certain other Post Offices as determined by Australia Post. ***The Reduced Rate applies where Australia Post does not provide delivery to that customer’s address (residential or business). . The Reduced Rate will not apply where that customer: (a) resides on a houseboat or other water vessel, or (b) where the customer’s address (residential or business) is located on a private road (such as a caravan park, gated community, retirement village, defence force barracks etc). 26 DELIVERY IN AUSTRALIA – POST OFFICE BOXES AND LOCKED BAGS Regular Small Post Office box

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