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Discover your skincare Know your skin type Knowing your skin type means you can choose the right products and the right treatments for your unique needs. Look for these signs on your complexion to determine your skin type: OILY NORMAL-OILY NORMAL DRY (Sensitive) • Overall shine • Enlarged pores • Prone to blackheads • Oily across T-zone • Parts of the face dry • Breakout sometimes • Fairly smooth tone • No oil or dryness • Breakouts rare • Tight, uncomfortable • Sometimes sensitive • Red and patchy Do you suffer from any of these skin conditions? Problem blemished skin Dehydrated skin If you experience breakouts, enlarged pores and oily skin, try Clear. (p58) If skin feels tight, particularly around the eyes and cheeks, try Nutrimetics. (p22) Mature / ageing skin Loss of firmness If skin looks thinner with deeper lines and wrinkles appearing, try Restore PRO. (p26) If skin is losing plumpness, collagen and elasticity, try Platinum. (p38) Sun damaged/ pigmentation Sensitive skin If you see discolouration, age spots and uneven skin tone, try White-Age. (p30) 12 Catalogue 2023/24 If skin is easily irritated or sometimes red or blotchy, try Comfort PLUS. (p32)

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