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Reversible Outdoor Mat - enhances your outdoor living - perfect for patios, picnics & more! B M ER CU S T UR O FA V O ITE ring your deck or patio to life with this reversible mat. In a practical size of 270 x 180 cm it’s also ideal for a picnic, barbeque, camping or caravanning and its foldable design makes it easy to Stunning on take with you and your patio! store. Resistant to moisture and stains it simply hoses clean. Woven from tough, weather-resistant polypropylene in a blue and white reversible design this mat is perfect for adding a splash of Reversible colour to your outdoor Patio Rug or indoor event decor. Props not included. Just hose it down! Kasbah Outdoor Rug MKSHR $59 Folds flat concertina style so you can take it with you Butterfly and Dragonfly Wall Art Dragonfly Stunning jewel-like colours I ntricate, eye-catching and stunningly beautiful, this wall art is crafted from powder-coated metal and hand-painted glass. It could also be a source of inspiration - both butterflies and dragonflies are seen as symbols of transformation. The butterfly measures 44 x 34 cm, the dragonfly 54 x 34.5 cm – imagine how wonderful their jewel-like shades of blue and violet would look glinting in the sun, or on an indoor wall. Sold separately. Dragonfly DFLYW $39.95 each - perfect for picnics and parties H Butterfly Wall Art Butterfly BFLYW Condiment Ice Caddy SAVE $10 Buy any 2 for $69.90 ere’s an easy way to keep your fruit, vegetables, snacks or condiments at their cool and tasty best, even at the height of summer. The five containers rest on a layer of ice in the base so they will keep your food deliciously chilled and fresh and the flavours separate. Made from food-safe acrylic, the caddy measures 16H x SAVE $10 40.5W x 11D cm – Buy 2 for $88 perfect for a buffet table or picnic basket. Condiment Ice Caddy CCADDY $49 Simply fill with ice to keep food chilled, fresh and ready to serve! 100 TO ORDER | PHONE 1300 303 303 | MAIL FORM ON PAGE 193 | ONLINE AT WWW.INNOVATIONS.COM.AU PLE03_ p84-105 G&O rework.indd 100 16/2/2024 8:53 am

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