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GARDEN & OUTDOORS Quality Stainless Steel Garden Hose Lightweight to use and so flexible - tough & durable so it resists tears, punctures and tangles! T his is one hose the dog won’t be able to chew through! As it’s made from quality stainless steel it’s also resistant to other tears and punctures as well as corrosion and damage from the sun. It’s also very lightweight and flexible, won’t kink and rolls up easily. It comes with adaptors so it’s compatible with standard taps and fittings. Hose nozzle not included. Stainless Steel Garden Hose SSGH01 (30m) $99 or $49.50 x 2 mths SSGH02 (20m) $79 Choose from 20 or 30 metres of stainless steel hose Great Features Kink free and easy to coil • Resists punctures • Lightweight and flexible • Crush proof Use your laptop, tablet or phone to order online today. Go to and follow the prompts! BACK SAVER! Step On It Lawn Edger - neater garden borders fast! I magine walking along your borders and leaving a neat edge behind. This brilliant tool has a curved stainless steel blade topped by a platform long and broad enough for either foot. The base of the handle will then keep it in place as you slice cleanly through untidy grass – and you won’t throw dirt around as you would with a line trimmer. 118 cm long, it can take the pain out of a tiresome chore. 33 Step Lawn Edger SLAWN $39.95 Immaculate edges one step at a time! INNOVATIONS - 12 MONTH MONEY BACK GUARANTEE ON ALL PRODUCTS U PLE03_ p84-105 G&O rework.indd 101 101 16/2/2024 8:53 am

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