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Portable Garden Sprayer - lightweight Easy to adjust the intensity of the spray and easy on wheels! F orget heavy backpacks – now you can easily wheel up to 12 litres of pesticide, herbicide or fertiliser over earth, grass and concrete. You can adjust the handle between 88 and 98 cm and, to make the job even easier, the 55 cm spray wand has a press-trigger that locks in a continuous flow of everything from a soft mist to a fast stream. 98H x 30W x 40D cm it’s ruggedly made Cover large from tough, high-density plastic. 12L Wheeled Garden Sprayer WGSPY areas easily! $89 12L container for weed killer or fertiliser. No lifting! SPECIAL OFFER - *SAVE 50% off the Italian Stretch Covers - when you spend $120. See back cover. Tough, 3-in-1 Root-Shearing Shovel - a spade, hatchet and saw in one! T BEST SELLER $ 59 Serrated edges effortlessly cut through roots his combination spade makes short work of tough garden plants. With a serrated blade on both sides and a sharp curved tip it’s designed to cut and chop through stubborn roots quickly and easily. Ruggedly made from steel, it’s also perfect for clearing overgrown areas, digging new beds and planting bulbs. It will also help you to loosen and lift out other debris. 107 cm long, it has a strong yet lightweight fibreglass handle and a soft comfort grip. Tough Root Removal Shovel TROTR $59 92 TO ORDER | PHONE 1300 303 303 | MAIL FORM ON PAGE 193 | ONLINE AT WWW.INNOVATIONS.COM.AU PLE03_ p84-105 G&O rework.indd 92 16/2/2024 8:52 am

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