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GARDEN & OUTDOORS NO TAP! NO POWER! NO PROBLEMS! Hand held design for ease of use Cordless Power Washer - you really can use it anywhere! No power cords! C Simply draw water from a container! leaning your driveway, washing the car, cleaning windows – this pressure washer makes it easier than ever to tackle the tough jobs. You don’t even need to be near a power source or a tap – the battery is rechargeable and the hose draws water from anything from a bucket to a river. You can adjust the flow from a blast to a shower and use the soap dispenser and soft brush attachment independently. Cordless Power Washer CPWRW $119 or $59.50 x 2 mths All included! • Windows • Cars • Caravans • Boats • Driveways • Decking • Motorbikes • Bikes • Paths • Patios • Stairs • Outdoor Furniture • Guttering & Fascias FA V Happy Mother's Day Freestanding Outdoor/ Indoor Privacy Screen - it can shade, block and hide C reate your own personal sanctuary or stop prying eyes when you relax in the yard with this strong and well made screen. Featuring a steel framework and three polyester panels, it can provide shade for you and your plants, block out an ugly view or keep unattractive features such as bins or building materials out of sight. You could also use it indoors as a room divider. Easy to assemble, it stands 170 cm tall and each panel is 53 cm wide. The feet adjust for stability. Props not included. Freestanding Outdoor Screen ODPRV $69 Simple to erect where you need it most! Protect yourself from prying eyes as you relax INNOVATIONS - 12 MONTH MONEY BACK GUARANTEE ON ALL PRODUCTS PLE03_ p84-105 G&O rework.indd 91 91 16/2/2024 8:52 am

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