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DO PENGUINS’ FEET FREEZE? A wonderfully weird collection of questions and answers about our natural world, from the expert team at the Natural History Museum, London. Packed with colourful images, this book reveals how polar bears stay warm, why rain smells, why flamingos are pink, why honeybees dance, plus many more cool and quirky facts. For children nine years and over. 96 pages 71555 $27.95 DIAMOND PAINTING You can choose to work these stunning projects with either round or square facets. Your Diamond Painting kits include colour printed fabric with an adhesive finish, acrylic facets sorted by colour, wax, stylus, and tray. WRENS WITH BLUE FLOWERS 40 x 50 cm $48.95 70960 Round 70961 Square PICTURE PUZZLER: A NATURAL HISTORY HIDE & SEEK Step into the world’s wildest places to solve 70 picture riddles. Find frogs, big cats, monkeys and birds that can talk. Get lost in the forest and climb a mountain’s peak. Use the clues in every wild habitat to solve the puzzles and uncover the most amazing animal camouflage. For ages five plus. 48 pages hardcover 71553 $29.95 PORTABLE PROJECT TRAY & STAND Versatile yet stylish, this portable work station is ideal for all kinds of crafts, but striking enough to enhance your home décor as an attractive piece of furniture. Made from MDF with a white matte finish, the tray attaches to the stand with hook and loop tape so it can be easily removed when the tray is not in use. The stand folds down for easy carrying and storage. The tray measures 82 x 62 cm, with a working area of 79 x 59 cm, and has a lip 5 cm deep. The collapsible stand folds down to 72 cm long by 15 cm wide and 83 cm high. The complete unit measures 82 x 62 x 73 cm high. 64304 Only $89 Great Value! Only $89  PARIS EIFFEL TOWER 50 x 70 cm $68.95 70956 Round 70957 Square MODERN KNITTED SHAWLS & WRAPS Knit your own shawls, capelets, wraps and afghans. Fresh and modern colour combinations and variegated yarns bring shawls right up to date, while beautiful lace patterns and textured stitches make simple shapes more interesting. Includes 35 stylish designs. 128 pages 69046 $39.95 DRESSMAKING THE EASY GUIDE Demystify dressmaking with this practical, visual guide. Create customised dresses that are the perfect fit for your body and a perfect match for your style. There are full size patterns provided for every shape and size. For all skill levels. 162 pages hardcover plus patterns 71506 $49.95 MAKE-IT-TONIGHT TOWEL TOPPERS Pictured contents not included Add whimsy to your kitchen with a dozen colourful toppers. These projects include a gnome, puppy dog, rose heart, farm cow, spring daisy, bell with bow, cat silhouette, 3D flower, wraparound flower, angel and two basic towel toppers. 40 pages 71519 $25.95 112 TO ORDER | PHONE 1300 303 303 | MAIL FORM ON PAGE 193 | ONLINE AT WWW.INNOVATIONS.COM.AU 09 - PLE03 p110-115.indd 112 15/2/2024 12:50 pm

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