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You will need ■290mm x 210mm MDF placemats ■Foam mini roller and tray ■ Acrylic artist's paints or sample pots of paint ■Painter's tape ■Ruler ■ Pencil ■Artist's brushes ■Wooden pegs ■Multipurpose adhesive 90 100 110 120 we can we can we can 1 Use a foam roller to apply two coats of paint in a neutral colour to one side of each placemat. Leave to dry after each coat. 2 Mask off a border on painted side of placemat with painter's tape. Mark six evenly spaced rectangles using a ruler and pencil, then mask edges of the rectangles with tape. ELLEYS CAUTION www 5 5 3 Apply two coats of paint to each rectangle using an artist's brush, leaving to dry after each coat. Remove tape while still tacky, pulling it off on an angle. Keep in mind... 4 On one side of each peg, apply a bead of adhesive to the section below the spring. Position a peg on each coloured rectangle, lining up the spring with the placemat edge. Leave to set. When spray-painting, wear eye protection, a mask and gloves, and work outside or in a well-ventilated area, covering surrounding areas with a drop sheet to avoid overspray. Keep all paint and chemicals out of the reach of children and pets. ■Make sure that any lighting used outside is suitable for outdoors. Any hardwired electrical fixtures must be installed by a licensed electrician. Your home. Our expertise. Support every step of the way. Applications are subject to credit approval, conditions, fees and charges apply. Commonwealth Bank of Australia ABN 48 123 123 124 Australian credit licence 234945.

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