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thumbnail - Bunnings Warehouse Catalogue - 1 Apr 2024 - 30 Apr 2024 - Sales products - pot, cutter, tin opener, paper, canvas, roller, masking tape, paint, screw. Page 78.
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UNI-PRO EVERYTHING TO ROLL YOUR RENO DOLLAR FURTHER Step 1. Start UNI-PRO Step 2. Prep UN PRO Paint Can Opener MEDIUM UNI-PRO 2 Flexible Sanding Pads MEDIUM DUS PUCATOR UNI-PRO Multi-Purpose Filler shrinka INTERIOR for repairing small cracks and general use kage, hard drying acrylic putty file 600 UNI-PRO Paint Pot and brush holder UNI-PRO Easy Pour & Store UNI POD TRADE Microporous Coveralls Suitable for use with liquid spray protection Zipper front, elasticised hood. ankle and wrist cuffs Thumb loops for use with outer protective gloves Soft gloves (not included) Aweight, breathable and strong smaterial Anti-static when grounded, non-linting Suitable for Type 5 Dry particles and Type 6 Light liquid sp (Class splash protection Perfecalese when spray painting paintinglings, fibreglass boat building ralspraying general renovating LARGE C0302 RAKREE DO NOT RE-USE Ideal for sanding contoured and flat surfaces UNI-PRO PROFESSIONAL PRECISION SCRAPER UNI-PRO 2in1 Patcher Scraper 80mm Comfortable Step 3. Protect UNI-PRO Canvas Dropcloth Step 4. Paint UNI-PRO Masking Paper 150mm x 50mt Twin Rolls Strong, non-absorbent Kraft paper Protects surfaces and objects DOOR FRAME 5'x2' The perfect protection for doorways UNI-PRO "You can do it!" 100mm Mini Roll Kit UNI-PRO ULTRA-LIGHT PROFESSIONAL PRO-MASKER 175MM [7] STAINLESS STEEL CUTTING BLADE SUITS STANDARD MASKING TAPE & MASKING ROLLS [FILM & PAPER) MADE FROM SUPER STRONG FIBER-REINFORCED NYLON PLASTIC LIGHTER THAN METAL FRAMES PISTOL GRIP HANDLE PROVIDES STAINLESS STEEL CUTTING BLADE ADISTS AND LOCKS WITH A SINGLE SET SCREW 255 IN CUTTING BLAGE IS ALSO AVAILABLE 28 UNI-PRO FESSIONAL MASKER PROFESSI ULTRA PRO-MAS UNI-PRO Pro-Masker Pre-Folded Film mm x 27.4 metre TIMBER WINDOWS IDEAL FOR USE ON ARCHITRANCE WEATHERBOARDS TIMBER PANEL DOORS 50MM DOUBLE EDGED BLADE PUSH ACTION PULL ACTION FOR SCRAPING WOR PANT THREADED BASE TUNGSTEN CARBIDE BLADE EXTREMELY SHARP BLADE, HANDLE WITH CARE 508 UNPRE bucandoit WALL BRUSH 888 UNS PRO "You can do it ANGLED CUTTER UNI-PRO Micro-Fibre HEAVY DUTY ROLLER ON A POLE "You can do it! 270mm UNI-PRO 270MM PROFESSIONAL PAINTER'S BUCKET SUITABLE FOR ROLLERS UP TO 270MM/HOLDS UP TO 5 LITRES SALE DOURES AS A FOREST TO SEARE UNi-PRO ((40) YEARS. ANNIVERSARY 2020 www.unipro.com.au Proudly Australian & Family Owned unipro_aus

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