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DO IT SEASONAL REFRESH 1 6 ways to revive your bedroom PREPARE YOUR SLEEPING SPACE FOR THE COOLER MONTHS WITH A PRE-WINTER FRESHEN UP Swap and store Pack away any summer-specific items, cleaning as you go. Dust fan blades before storing away portable models for the winter (switch ceiling fans to reverse or 'winter' mode); wash and store mosquito nets; wash or air lightweight duvets, make sure they're thoroughly dry, then store in vacuum bags. Give flyscreens a dust with the vacuum brush attachment. All Set 80cm x 60cm vacuum storage bag, $6.69/pack of 2, I/N: 0344216. Some products are not available at all Bunnings stores, but may be ordered. 2 Blitz bedding A clean bedroom starts with a clean mattress, according to cleaning and organising expert Chantel Mila Ibbotson (@mama_mila_au). "Vacuuming regularly is a simple way to get rid of dust, skin cells and dust mites that may be living inside your mattress," she says. Spot-clean stains with a gentle detergent and rotate or flip the mattress if possible. Combat odours by sprinkling with bicarb soda, letting it sit for 30 minutes, then vacuuming. Clean and wash pillows and duvets, as these can accumulate sweat and dust - hence the dreaded 'yellow pillow'. "Many can be put directly in the washing machine," advises Chantel. Hoover 'OnePwr Emerge Pet' cordless vacuum, $599, 1/N: 0505590 3 Bust the dust Seek out spaces where dust gathers. "Upholstered bedheads, armchairs and lampshades can be breeding grounds for dust," says Chantel. Use a vacuum upholstery attachment on these surfaces. "A little trick is to use a lint roller to capture dust from hard-to-reach nooks like inside fabric lampshades," she adds. Get under and behind furniture to suck up dust, wipe down walls - a microfibre flat mop works well and don't forget the curtains! Vileda 'UltraMax XL' flat mop and bucket system, $59.99, I/N: 0469404 Clear clutter The bedroom can be a catch-all space for clutter. Beth McGee, author of Get Your House Clean Now: The Home Cleaning Method Anyone Can Master (getyourhousecleannow. com), suggests putting aside one hour to tidy and declutter. "Decide to let go of 10 'good' things by the end of 60 minutes," Beth says. "Move through your room and remove any rubbish-old mail, wrappers, broken items, etc. Put items that belong in another room into a pile by the door to remove at the 55-minute mark." Look for clothing you haven't worn in the past year or more to donate Beth suggests aiming for 10 donatable items. Flexi Storage Wardrobe storage case in Ash, $9.87, I/N: 0489118 5 Keep cold out Consider whether your windows are adequately insulated for winter. Upgrade from sheer summer curtains to drapes in a heavy thermal fabric and check for gaps where cold draughts can sneak in. Adding window seals, remounting curtain rails above window architraves or switching to snug-fitting shutters can all make a difference. Moroday 'Econo-Seal' 19mm x 6mm weather seal tape in Grey, $5.55/5m, I/N: 4061864 6 MORODAY ECONO-SEAL SELF ADHESIVE Get snuggly MORODAY Turn your bed into a warming winter nest with a change of bedding. Change crisp linen sheets for cuddly flannelette and swap the lightweight duvet for a warmer one, or add a quilt for extra weight. Switching up your bed styling can also make it look cosier and more comforting. Add cushions in moody hues or rich jewel tones to create a cocooning feel, and soften hard surfaces with textiles place rugs on - floors and give an armchair a seasonal update with a chunky throw. ▲ Accessorize Bedroom Collection 'Janni' 45cm x 45cm cushion in Burnt Orange, I/N: 0522747* This product is available to buy online only and is sold and delivered by a Bunnings Marketplace Trusted Seller. Not all items are available in all states and territories. *Delivery charges may apply. bunnings.com.au | bunnings | bunnings I ③ bunnings | + bunningswarehouseaustralia 69 Words Shelley Tustin. Follow manufacturer's instructions for accurate dilution of strong cleaning solutions. Wear a mask and gloves for serious cleaning tasks. Store cleaning products out of reach of children and pets.

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