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Advertising promotion Peerless JAL products are the professionals' choice for efficient and effective cleaning. Make them yours, too! Before After One Shot Thick Concentrated Acidic Toilet Bowl Cleaner READY-TO-USE Powerful cleaning agent, containing a sanitiser -Removes scale build up 1 Litre Thick for increased contact time CONTAINS 1-10% Sumicen hazardous ingede AUS PEERLESS JAL Rj MOFESSIONAL CONTRACTOR CLEANING PRODUCTS 3 Versadet Finer Cleaner CONCENTRATE MAKES UP TO 80 PROFESSIONAL CONTRACTOR CLEANING PRODUCTS STREAK-FREE FLOORS LITRES V Floors need a professional-grade product that's tough enough to tackle grease and grime, yet gentle enough to work on virtually any hard surface, such as tiles, laminate and polished wood. Peerless JAL Versadet Neutral Floor Cleaner is versatile and pH neutral, with a streak- and residue-free finish. It comes in a rich concentrate - a one-litre bottle can make 80 litres of cleaner - so as well as a thorough clean, you get bang for your buck. Cleaning products the professionals use One Shot Thick centrated Acidic Taile 5 Rj BEST SELLER Clean & Bead Bath & Repellent W We all want to clean our homes quickly and easily. Turn to Peerless JAL, whose Australian-made cleaning range is the go-to for professionals. Here's our pick of the collection for a spotless result in all the tough places. ECO EFFICIENCY Powerful cleaning needn't mean a harsh impact on the environment. Peerless JAL's Ecoaid products are septic safe and independently recognised as environmentally sound*. Use the Peerless JAL Ecoaid Bathroom Cleaner to tackle bathrooms and the Peerless JAL Ecoaid General All Purpose Cleaner to banish grease and dirt on surfaces all round your home. Both are super-concentrated - one litre makes 33 litres of cleaner so a little goes a long way, making them kind to your wallet and the earth. - ecoaid ecoaid R Ri smart. safe. green. BATHROOM BUILD-UP - GONE! Make your shower sparkle with Peerless JAL One Shot Thick Toilet Bowl Cleaner (yes, it's for the loo, too). ecoaid It cuts effortlessly through limescale, grime and calcium build-up on your shower screen and tiles for a deep and thorough clean. 1 Peerless JAL 'Ecoaid' bathroom cleaner concentrate, $17.80/1L, 1/N: 0345016. 2 Peerless JAL 'Ecoaid' general all purpose cleaner concentrate, $13/1L, 1/N: 0345018. 3 Peerless JAL 'Versadet' neutral floor cleaner concentrate, $14.89/1L, 1/N: 4466218. 4 Peerless JAL 'One Shot' thick concentrated acidic toilet bowl cleaner, $13.99/1L, 1/N: 4460463. 5 Peerless JAL 'Clean & Bead' bathroom cleaner and water repellent, $12.99/750ml, 1/N: 0345013. Scan the QR code or visit bunnings. com.au/peerless-jal for more information To maintain your gleaming surfaces, use Peerless JAL Clean & Bead Bathroom Cleaner. The clever formula prevents calcium build-up and it even reduces fogging and streaks on glass. As a bonus, you can also use it on baths, basins and toilets. Rj AUS MADE PEERLESS JAL Keeping it Clean Since 1947 Some products are not available at all Bunnings stores but may be ordered. Follow manufacturer's instructions for accurate dilution of strong cleaning solutions. Wear a mask and gloves for serious cleaning tasks. Store out of reach of children and pets. *asn.au/sustainability/recognised/register-recognised-products

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