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Photography Louise Roche, styling Kylie Jackes. Illustration Stephen Pollitt. Sources: 'sustainability.vic.gov.au. 2yourhome.gov.au/energy/photovoltaic-systems. yourhome.gov.au/energy/heating-and-cooling. "sustainability.vic.gov.au. Any hardwired electrical work must be carried out by a licensed tradie. blocking draughts in your home) is also good for both energy efficiency and health, says Andy. 3 Sun-loving solar Installing solar photovoltaic (PV) systems reduces not only your electricity bills but also your greenhouse-gas emissions². "If paired with battery storage, PV can enable you to ride out power shortages, which is a great resilience measure," says Andy. Use a Clean Energy Council accredited installer to ensure all standards are met. Be water wise Choose water-saving fittings and appliances, and consider installing rainwater tanks to help conserve water. Make sure wet areas can be easily adapted to accommodate future design and technology changes. Investing in heat-pump or solar hot water systems might be pricier initially, but they significantly cut down running costs compared with standard electric or gas water heaters³. 5 Light choices Home Design 'Grove' pendant light, $137, I/N: 7071560. Brilliant 'Orb' DIY glass pendant light in Black, $75, I/N: 0137651 (globes sold separately) Good lighting makes a home more pleasant to be in. Correct orientation on the site can deliver light and sunshine in winter, while eaves, awnings and deciduous plants can provide shade and block summer heat. Any new build or renovations should have a shade plan addressing its location and orientation. Research efficient interior lighting for your home. For example, pendants and lamps create a cosy setting without the need for bright downlights. Smarten up 'Smart' technology (appliances and electronics connected to the internet) allows you to control things remotely and automatically. Even if you don't need it now, having the right infrastructure - ethernet cables and electrics - in place will futureproof the house for when you or someone else wants it. Lighting, shade, curtains and blinds, heating and cooling, ventilation and security systems can all be operated via smart technology. 7 Lifetime homes Living comfortably at home until a ripe old age is surely everyone's ambition, and it's made more achievable by planning ahead. Design considerations recommended by Livable Housing Australia can be incorporated into a new build or renovation, or retrofitted to support comfortable ageing in place. Considerations include ensuring that at least one entrance is free of any steps and that flooring is slip resistant. Wide corridors and internal doors allow for easy manoeuvrability and windows should provide a view to the outdoors when seated. A ground-floor toilet, barrier-free shower recess and reinforced walls around the toilet, shower and bath to support the safe installation of grab rails are key. Kitchen and laundry areas should have ample space to move around, with accessible under-bench drawers. Put light switches and power points in logical, easy-to-reach places. SIMPLE STEPS What you can do now to help futureproof your home ■Install an energy-monitoring system and discover which appliances are power gobblers. ■ Explore a ceramic or induction cooktop as an alternative to gas. ■Switch to LED bulbs. They use up to 80 per cent less energy but produce the same amount of light4. ■Double glaze and seal older windows, and add shade covers. ■Invest in storage. A wall of 'clever cubes' in a kid's room can later move to the home office or living room. Even better, buy furniture that has in-built storage. ■Replace flooring to ensure it is level and hard-wearing. ■Lay non-slip tiles and install an open-access shower in bathrooms. ■Install water-saving shower heads and flow restrictors. ■New wardrobe? Add some lighting and pull-out drawers, which are easier to access than shelving. ■Wire bedside lights to the wall - it makes them easier to reach and operate in your twilight years. bunnings.com.au |☐ bunnings | ℗ bunnings | bunnings | + bunningswarehouseaustralia 55

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