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Solar panels Insulation Deciduous trees Ceiling fan Pendant lights Non-slip floor Extractor fan Double glazing Ground floor bathroom E Smart appliances Rainwater tank A reverse-cycle airconditioner will meet your needs in summer and winter 1 Sustainable design Designing your home with a _warming climate in mind ensures long-term comfort and energy cost savings, says lan McNicol, senior advisor energy efficiency at Sustainability Victoria. "With good design, especially at the planning stages, you can more easily boost your home's energy efficiency," he says. Tips include situating living areas on the northern side of the house to take advantage of winter sun and light. Avoid large expanses of glazing facing west or east, or make sure they are well shaded for summer, and minimise south-facing windows. Architect Andy Marlow from Envirotecture, which specialises in sustainable building design, says double-glazed and energy-efficient windows reduce heat loss and gain. "The frame material also matters. Avoid anything that conducts heat well," says Andy. Importantly, creating zones separated by doors and corridors means they can be closed off when not in use, minimising energy use. 2 Insulate & ventilate Insulation not only makes a home more comfortable but can slash heating and cooling bills by 40-50 per cent. If you can't afford to insulate every area of your home, start in sections, recommends Andy. "Your roof is usually the easiest part to insulate. It will give you the biggest bang for your buck, so start here. Walls are the next part to tackle, followed by floors," he says. Good ventilation is another way to boost energy efficiency and is critical for a healthy home, says Andy. While windows play their part, opening them in colder months isn't always practical. "Ventilation is best achieved by using fans to remove excess moisture from bathrooms, laundries and kitchens," advises Andy. "In new homes, a centralised ventilation system with heat recovery is often used for increased efficiency and improved indoor air quality." Airtightness (sealing gaps and "Ceiling fans will help you feel cooler due to the air movement across your skin even though they do not actually cool the air - magic!" Andy Marlow, architect Mercator 'Flinders' ceiling fan in Brushed Chrome, $289, 1/N: 4371583. Some products are not available at all Bunnings stores, but may be ordered.

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