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thumbnail - Woolworths Catalogue - 27 Mar 2024 - 2 Apr 2024 - Sales products - buns, brioche, hot cross buns, fish fillets, salmon, salmon fillet, seafood, prawns, roast, camembert, cheese, brie, Tasmanian Heritage, milk chocolate, chocolate, chocolate candies, Schweppes, soft drink, mineral water, soda, water, lamb meat, lamb leg, Signal, mixer. Page 1.
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We can help you spend less today. Happy Easter On sale Wednesday 27th March 2024 $9. kg SAVE $1 kg Australian Lamb Leg Roast ANY 2 FOR $ $6 SAVE $2 Specials AUSTRALIAN LAMB $3.70 1/2 SAVE $3.70 Schweppes Soft Drink, Mineral Water or Mixer Varieties 4 x 300ml $3.08 per litre Price Schweppes THE SIGNAL SODA WATER $32. SAVE $10 kg $425 SAVE $4.25 Darrell Lea Bilby Milk Chocolate 100g* $4.25 per 100g Fresh Tasmanian Salmon Fillets Skin On Devvell fea Bilby 20 WELK CHOCOLATE 100, AUSTRALIAN FRESH SEAFOOD 1/2 Price Only at $15. SAVE $5 kg kg $5,90 ea SAVE $6.05 Tasmanian Heritage Brie or Camembert 200g - From the Deli $29.50 per kg Hot Cross Bun Varieties Pk 6-9# Excludes Brioche Hot Cross Bun Varieties Thawed Large Green Australian Banana Prawns TASM AUSTRALIAN SEAFOOD 1/2 Price HERITAGE Double Brie Atwary shop, soft veste cheese 200g Easter opening hours For your local store's revised opening hours #Only available in stores with an in-store bakery. *While stocks last. Woolworths Find out more > WC270324/NSWI/R

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