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Clever 3-in-1 Wheeled Patio Paver Set A IDE M T F U GI R M FO NEW N ow you can keep your paths, driveway and wooden deck clean and weed free without bending or kneeling, or resorting to chemicals. This clever set has two interchangeable zinc-plated blades to tackle cracks and crevices of every size as you simply wheel it along. When you’re done, attach the tough bristle brush to whisk the debris away. The steel handle extends between 70 and 120 cm for even greater ease and comfort. Solar Powered 3-in-1 Paving Blades and Brush Set PAVRB $39.95 cm -120 0 7 nds Exte Perfect for: • Paving blocks • Patios • Driveways • Steps • Decks Remove weeds from the grooves between pavers Pours out a pretty stream of lights Telescopic handle - no bending! Elf Tree Sculpture Y CU S T FA V O ou’ll love the way this elf seems to be stepping straight out of a tree – a clever illusion heightened by the swinging metal window frame. In fact, you can simply mount the sculpture on a tree, post or fence using the kit provided. Made from polyresin, beautifully detailed and finished in woodland colours, it measures 30.5H x 19W x 11D cm overall. Children will adore it – and you’ll enjoy seeing your friends do a double take! M ER Emerging Elf O UR Hang this fun garden elf on your tree or fence! Sculpture EMELF $29.95 Adorable Little Gardener Stunning day or night - she’s watering with light! S o sweet in her pinafore and puff-sleeved blouse, this little girl is busy watering her plants. Adorable by day, she’s even more eye-catching at night when she seems to be watering with a stream of lights. 29 cm tall and crafted from weather-resistant polyresin, she’ll look lovely in your garden or any other outdoor area. As the 3 strings of 5 LED lights are solar powered, simply place her in a sunny spot. Girl With Watering Can GWWC $39.95 ITE 88 TO ORDER | PHONE 1300 303 303 | MAIL FORM ON PAGE 193 | ONLINE AT WWW.INNOVATIONS.COM.AU PLE03_ p84-105 G&O rework.indd 88 16/2/2024 8:52 am

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