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Eye-Catching Dog or Cat Shape Shelves T hese shelves look lovely even before you add your favourite decorative touches. With plants, an ornament or two and perhaps a book they’re as practical as they are eye-catching. Made Cat from metal and metal mesh with a matt black finish, the cat measures 42H x 43W x 10D cm, the dog 37H x 43W x 10D cm and both arrive with the hardware you need. Write Pulls open... collapses flat Cat or Dog on order form. Props not included. Pet Shelf PETWS $59 each Rolls easily on swivel castors Dog Choose Dog or Cat - distinctive on your wall Buy 2 Sets for $88 SAVE $10 Perfect for your entryway, bedroom or inside a wardrobe Buy any two for $108 or $54 x 2 mths Ingenious, Folding Hinged Spirit Level - it even bends around obstacles! H ow can you check that a surface is even when something like a pipe or corner makes it impossible to use a conventional spirit level? This one makes the job easy – you can simply fold it to the shape you need. Made from high-quality aluminium with reinforced end caps, it extends from an easy-to-store 5H x 15W x 12D cm to a practical 71 cm. Extremely accurate, it’s ideal for indoor or outdoor DIY. Available mid March. Measure Jointed Spirit Level JSLEV SAVE $10 Add your favourite decorative touches $49 Fully jointed - perfect in tight spaces Holds 10 pairs of shoes in a small space! Space-Saving Folding Shoe Rack- it holds 10 pairs! I f you’re fed up with tripping over shoes but short of space, this rack could be the perfect solution. It takes up just 25 x 35 cm of floor space yet, unfolded to 93 cm tall, it will keep 10 pairs tidy and organised. Easy to assemble and made from sturdy plastic with castors, it’s perfect for a hallway, bedroom or inside a wardrobe. For storage, it folds to 30 cm high. Props not included. Foldable Shoe Storage Rack FSHSS $49 multiple angles HORIZONTAL, VERTICAL AND OBLIQUE SPIRIT LEVEL Great Features: • Magnets attach to metal surfaces • 5 jointed sections • 4 multi angle levels • Easy to store – folds 56 TO ORDER | PHONE 1300 303 303 | MAIL FORM ON PAGE 193 | ONLINE AT WWW.INNOVATIONS.COM.AU PLE03_p32-65 H&L Fri-final.indd 56 16/2/2024 12:37 pm

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