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F lea, Tick & Worm Contr ol Popular Pet Food & Treats FOR DOGS BRAVECTO CHEW FOR DOGS FOR CATS BRAVECTO SPOT-ON FOR DOGS 3 months flea and paralysis tick protection for dogs in one tasty chew* 2-4.5kg 4.5-10kg 10-20kg 20-40kg 40-56kg DHB2000 DHB2005 DHB2010 DHB2015 DHB2020 $53 each 3 MONTHS PARALYSIS TICK & FLEA PROTECTION IN ONE CHEW 6 MONTHS 4-10kg BAY0140 10-25kg BAY0142 Over 25kg BAY0144 Up to 4kg Over 4kg Up to 3 months flea and paralysis tick protection for cats with one spot-on* 1.2-2.8kg 2 pack CHB2025 2.8-6.25kg 2 pack CHB2030 6.25-12.5kg 2 pack CHB2035 BAY0124 BAY0126 $71 each $95 each 3 UP TO PARALYSIS TICK & FLEA PROTECTION IN ONE SPOT-ON MONTHS *Refer to PARALYSIS TICK & FLEA PROTECTION IN ONE SPOT-ON product leaflet for full details NexGard Spectra for Dogs 6 Pack Advocate for Dogs & Cats 6 Pack Dog Cat BRAVECTO SPOT-ON FOR CATS 6 months flea and paralysis tick protection for dogs with one spot-on* 2-4.5kg DHB2040 4.5-10kg DHB2045 10-20kg DHB2050 20-40kg DHB2055 40-56kg DHB2060 HOUSE OF PETS ! The most complete protection against fleas, ticks, heartworm and intestinal worms, in one tasty chew. $99 $109 $119 2-3.5kg 3.6-7.5kg 7.6-15kg 15.1-30kg 30.1-60kg $79 $89 DHN2205 DHN2215 DHN2225 DHN2235 DHN2245 $99 $109 $119 $129 $139 Simparica for Dogs 6 Packs A monthly chew that protects against fleas, ticks, mange and mites - works fast and lasts! 5.01-10kg 10.1-20kg 20.1-40kg 40.1-60kg $73.34 $89 $94 $99 DHS0506 DHS0510 DHS0514 DHS0518 Greenies Treat Packs for Dogs Revolution PLUS The all in one monthly protection that cats need against harmful parasites including fleas, paralysis tick, biting lice, ear mites, roundworm and hookworm. 1.25-2.5kg 3 pack CHR0100 Kitten $49 2.6-5kg 3 pack CHR0110 Cat $54 2.6-5kg 6 pack CHR0120 Cat $94 5.1-10kg 3 pack CHR0130 Cat $59 5.1-10kg 6 pack CHR0140 Cat $96 Great value! Teenie 340g Blueberry DTG0280 $26.00 Teenie 340g Freshmint DTG0270 $26.00 Teenie 340g Original M268426 $19.99 Popular Pet Food Black Hawk Adult Lamb & Rice 3kg 10kg 20kg BH00094 BH00152 BH00091 $39 $99 $149 Black Hawk Adult Fish & Potato 3kg 10kg 20kg BH00140 BH00156 BH00139 Black Hawk Adult Chicken & Rice $39 $99 $169 3kg 10kg 20kg BH00105 BH00155 BH00104 $39 $99 $149 All prices on this page are valid until 02/04/2024 107 U PLE03_ HOP_FINAL.indd 107 20/2/2024 8:33 am

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