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Free-standing pet gate – with a handy door for easy passage! This attractive gate is the ideal solution for blocking off areas of your home from your pet. It’s very stable thanks to the fixed supports and you can adjust it to fit gaps of different sizes or even shape a freestanding pen. It’s sturdily made with either 3 or 5 panels – and there’s even a door for easy human access that swings both ways! Folds flat for easy storage. Built-in door! Choose a 3 or 5 panel gate HD1147 3 Panel (159L x 1.5D x 66H cm) $69 HD1148 5 Panel (265L x 1.5D x 66H cm) $99 or $49.50 x 2 mths Aloveen Shampoo & Conditioner Aloveen aids in soothing and cleansing itchy dry skin on dogs and cats. Aloveen contains Oatmeal which is indicated for treatment of inflamed and irritated skin Ideal for helping dogs on and off vehicles Folds flat Holds up to 35kg Aloveen Shampoo 250ml DGA0020 $14.99 Aloveen Shampoo 1L DGA0060 $49.99 Aloveen Conditioner 100ml DGA0080 $9.99 Aloveen Conditioner 500ml DGA0120 $39.99 Dog restroom mat - a must for indoor dogs The c se ret is in the 3 layers! Dogs get distressed when they can’t get out to relieve themselves – and it’s frustrating for you to come home to a messy, wet floor! The Restroom Mat offers a practical solution for dogs up to 10 kilos. The three-tier design combines a scented, porous mat of synthetic grass, a straining rack and a 76L x 51W x 3.5D cm collecting tray. Antimicrobial and odour-resistant. Tier 1 Dog Restroom Mat PTPTY $49 Tier 2 Tier 3 Spare Synthetic Grass Mat PTPTY-1 $19.95 CUSTOMER’S FAVOURITE Lightweight and folds down to fit in the boot Folding dog car ramp Getting into the back of a car can be a real challenge for some dogs but that doesn’t mean you have to leave them at home – this ramp turns a big jump into a gentle stroll! Made from tough yet lightweight plastic it extends to 1.5 metres long yet folds down to just 42H x 40W x 20D cm. Weighs 3.75 kg and holds up to 35 kgs. It’s easy to carry and you can easily stow it in the boot. CDRMP $99 or $49.50 x 2 mths Padded Dog Harnesses Large Padded Dog Harness 50-70cm AN0220 $14.99 Red Black Blue Fluorescent Red 104 TO ORDER | PHONE 1300 303 303 | MAIL FORM ON PAGE 193 | ONLINE AT WWW.INNOVATIONS.COM.AU PLE03_ HOP_FINAL.indd 104 20/2/2024 8:33 am

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