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FOODLAND $26900 Spencer Gulf SOUTH AUSTRALIA NEW SEASON PRODUCE On Sale 27 March - 2 April 2024 HAPPY Easter New Season South Australian Cooked Large King Prawns 16/20 (Find me in the Deli.) $3 ea SAVE $3.00 UP TO Darrell Lea Chocolate Blocks 160-180g $40 ea SAVE $4.00 UP TO Red Tulip Carnival Easter Rabbit 180g $2.22 per 100g $1190 Aussie Lamb MAKES IT BETTER SINCE 1927 MADE Darrell fea ROCKLEA TRADITIONAL MILK CHOCOLATE 180g PALM OIL FREE AHALF PRICE $725 SAVE $7.25 UP TO NO ARTIFICIAL COLOURS FLAVOURS FLARS OR Red Tulip 10x PR37 375mL Cans e 180g wwwww KIRKS SINCE 1865 THOMAS LUKINA Serving suggestion CAPPO SEAFOODS SEAFOODS $275 SAVE $2.75 UP TO PRINGLES PRINGLES SOUR CREAM ORIGINAL & ONION AUSTRALIAN MADE This ain't just any Lemonade, this is Kirks. LEMONADE ORIGINALS Pringles Chips 118-134g $5⁹0 ea SAVE $6.05 UP TO Tasmanian Heritage Double Brie or Camembert 200g $29.50 per kg e134g e134g SMANIAN HERITAGE® Camembert A delicate, mild, soft white cheese Membolds 200g e Kirks Soft Drinks Cans 10 x 375ml $1.93 per litre PRODUCT OF AUSTRALIA * Australian Lamb Forequarter Chops FOODLAND P13 2024 P1 *Easter Lives Here! FOODLAND THE MIGHTY SOUTH AUSSIES

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