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669 'SHROOM SHADE - The mushroom lamps of the '70s are back in vogue! Their colourful curves make them a cool choice for outdoor lighting and the good news is, it's a fun and simple task to reinvent these retro classics using plastic vessels and remote-controlled, battery-powered lights. Add white spots to create a cute toadstool look, then set them up and turn them on with a flick of the remote control. Tools & materials ■Safety equipment (mask, eye protection and gloves) ■Drop sheet ■Cardboard box ■Dabber sponge brush ■Clear plastic bowl ■Clear plastic tall container (at least 80mm width) Plastic wrap ■Painter's tape ■Two-in-one spray primer and paint ■Sample pot of white paint ■Battery-operated, remote-controlled puck lights 1 Cover the outside of the bowl and tall container with plastic wrap and secure plastic with painter's tape. DIY TOOLKIT lytworx. COLOUR CHANGING 1 PUCK LIGHTS PACK WATER RESISTANT REMOTE DIMMABLE Battery Operated Great for fish tanks, ponds, pools, vases & more! 2 2 On a drop sheet, using the box as a spray booth, apply paint to the inside of each container using an even, side-to-side motion. Apply several light coats, allowing to dry between each coat. CRAFTED 3 DABBER SPONGE BRUSHES White Knight REFRESH-RESTYLE SQUIRTS PAINT&PRIME 10 MIN 3.5M BONDS TO WOOD METAL PLASTIC & MORE 310 BEE-SPOKE BATH Create a pit stop for pollinators in your garden with a watering hole set among yummy flowers See Ba Give local bees a hydration station in your garden where they can stop for a drink and also collect fresh water to take back to their hive to help with cooling and honey production. So clever! All you need is a terracotta pot and saucer, and some pretty pebbles in colours a bee can see, such as blues and yellow. The bath should be shallow (1cm or 2cm deep) so the bees don't drown. Top up the water and clean the bath regularly to avoid sediment build-up and algae growth, and to deter mozzies from breeding in the still water. You will need ■Terracotta pot and saucer Pencil Bel 1 Write "Bee Bath" on the pot in pencil. When you're happy with the design, go over letters with a white paint pen. Leave to dry. DIY TOOLKIT 1 ■White paint pen 2 ■Decorative pebbles in Sharpie. PAINT two shades of blue 72 bunnings.com.au | ☐ bunnings | ℗ bunnings | bunnings | f bunningswarehouseaustralia Photography James Moffatt, projects and styling Sami Simper. Paint colours may vary on application. Pebbles are not a toy - keep them and bee bath out of reach of small children.

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