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Jumbuck gas outdoor patio heater in Charcoal, $189, 1/N: 3171024, and Mimosa outdoor area gas heater in Charcoal, $189, I/N: 0401871 1 5 GLOW SHOP 2 3 4 6 "Regularly clean and maintain your outdoor heater. Dust and debris can accumulate on elements, reducing their efficiency" The team at Arlec spaces, it's essential to consider the heater's resistance to the elements," adds the Arlec team. "Ensure it is suitable for the specific environment, especially if the area is subject to wind or moisture." Good ventilation when using gas is essential, as are considerations for all heaters such as observing safe clearances, so always check the manufacturer's safety instructions carefully. Choose the best spot Where you site your heater will affect its heat distribution. For wall-mounted heaters, the ideal height is often around 2.1 to 2.7 metres above the ground. "This allows the heat to spread evenly across the space," says the Arlec team, who also advise ensuring that the heater is not obstructed by walls, tall furniture or other objects that could impede the flow of heat. "Reflective surfaces can help enhance the heat distribution," says the team. "If possible, position the heater so that it directs heat towards reflective surfaces like walls or other structures that can bounce the heat back into the space." Save money and energy "Generally, electric heaters are considered to be more sustainable than gas due to their higher energy efficiency and lower emissions, even without solar power, as electricity generation continues to transition towards renewable sources," says John Campbell. ON THE BLIND SIDE Retrofit outdoor bistro blinds for a cosiness boost. If you have a solid structure to hang them from, this can be a DIY fix, and you can have them cut to fit your space - ask at the Special Orders Desk. Typically made from heavy-duty PVC, bistro blinds provide insulation and protection from the elements while allowing airflow. Avoid using them in strong winds, roll up when not in use and keep away from heaters. 1 Mimosa outdoor area gas heater in Matt Black, $219, 1/N: 0401874. 2 Glow 'Palma' fire box in Black, $299, 1/N: 0517024. 3 Arlec 'Grid Connect' smart adaptor with temperature and humidity sensor, $32.42, I/N: 0375613. 4 Glow 'Sebastian' barbecue grill and fire pit, $245, 1/N: 0523939. 5 Arlec 2400W instant infrared heater in Black, $199, 1/N: 0417920. 6 Aurus '450' low smoke fire pit with cover, $149, 1/N: 0514780. Some products are not available at all Bunnings stores, but may be ordered. "Consider outdoor heaters with smart thermostat features," says the Arlec team. "These can automatically adjust the heat output based on the ambient temperature, preventing unnecessary energy consumption. Timers allow you to schedule when the heater operates, ensuring it's only on when needed." Other tips include zone heating - using multiple heaters to heat areas that are actually being used, rather than the whole space - and choosing a model with motion sensors. "These can detect when people are present, activating the heater only when needed," explains the Arlec team. 60 bunnings.com.au | ☐ bunnings | ℗ bunnings | bunnings | f bunningswarehouseaustralia Scan the QR code Install bistro blinds for sheltered alfresco entertaining: bunnings. com.au/DIY-bistro-blinds Watch it! Photography Peter Mack. Any gasfitting and hardwired electrical work must be carried out by licensed tradies. Check fire pit manufacturers' safety/set-up advice and local authority regulations for open fires. Position fire pits away from combustible structures; only burn dry, sustainably forested timber.

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