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Words Jen Walker. Photography Getty Images. Some photographs feature products from suppliers other than Bunnings. Pet products are not available in WA, except Armadale and Bunbury stores. Petc CORNER NEWS, REVIEWS, MEWS AND MORE Stick around For science-minded folk, stick and leaf insects - also known as phasmids - can make fascinating pets. Sell the kids on a stick insect friend with these fun phasmid facts! ■They only eat leaves; freshly cut eucalypt or bush cherry branches in a jar of water is ideal food. Daily misting of the leaves will provide water and help maintain humidity. As they grow, their exoskeleton is shed. They need to hang at least a few body-lengths off the ground to moult properly. A fish tank on its side (at least 30cm high) with a snug-fitting mesh door to allow airflow is ideal. ■The titan stick insect is the largest phasmid and can grow to 25cm long. I Some types of female phasmids can lay eggs without having been in contact with a male. She tosses the eggs into leaf litter, where they'll hatch after four months. Phasmids are often confused with the praying mantis, which is a carnivorous hunter. You can identify a mantis by their triangle-shaped head with powerful jaws, and front legs designed to grab live food. SNUGGLE BUNNIES Rabbits can be intelligent and affectionate pets Thinking of inviting a rabbit into your household? Help it to settle in well with these bunny basics from Kim Cooney, founder of The Rabbit Sanctuary (rabbitsanctuary.com.au), a national network through which you can adopt rabbits. "Rabbits are best kept indoors, with space to play - a hutch alone doesn't provide enough room, so add a playpen for extra running room," says Kim. "Inside the playpen include a large, heavy ceramic dish of water, as rabbits drink a lot and also love to put their paws in the water and wash their face," Kim says. Rabbits also need unlimited amounts of grass, a mixture of premium hays and vet-approved rabbit pellets to keep their digestion system working well. Bunnies can be easily litter trained, says Kim. "Fill a large tray with hay or pet litter and place in the corner," she suggests. "If your rabbit chooses to go elsewhere, spray that spot with white vinegar to prevent a second attempt. Also, remember rabbits are highly social creatures so two are better than one. Opposite sexes get on better and both must be desexed." 1 Rabbit rig Yes4Pets pet playpen/enclosure with cover, I/N: 0503561* 3 Options PET OFT MONTH THE JETT MINI LOP RABBIT BLACK BUCK This young hopper is full of energy and curiosity 1 I live in... Adelaide, SA, 2 My morning routine includes... Hopping inside, sniffing for food, and binkies* in the lounge. My preferred mode 33 of transport is... In the arms of someone I love. I like to... Play hide 4 I like to... P 5 My favourite celeb is... Rapper Bad Bunny. I get a bit grumpy if... 61 I've eaten (my full tummy needs to rest). 7 My perfect day involves... Cuddles, pellets, carrots, backyard binkies and more cuddles on the couch. This Easter... I'll be 85 on a carrot hunt. ► *binkies = playful twisting leaps The shape and colour of stick insects are camouflage to hide them from predators Northcote Pottery 'Ava' 14cm saucer in Black, $6.28 I/N: 0125633 Rosewood high- backed rabbit training litter tray/toilet box, I/N: 0571247* Some products are not available at all Bunnings stores, but may be ordered. This product is available to buy online only and is sold and delivered by a Bunnings Marketplace Trusted Seller. Not all items are available in all states and territories. *Delivery charges may apply. Would you like to see your animal pal in our pages? Email your pet's photo, name and breed (with 'Pet of the Month' in the subject line) to submissions @bunnings.com.au. Good luck! bunnings.com.au | ☐ bunnings | ℗ bunnings | ⑰ bunnings | bunningswarehouseaustralia 49

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