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LOVE YOUR LAWN To feed both the grass and the soil, Adam Woodhams recommends applying a quality slow-release fertiliser, watered in with a hose-on seaweed product. "If it's been very dry, you can spread a soil wetter, too," he says. "These come as powdered or hose-on products and are best applied before feeding, as they will improve water penetration." Rather than a weekly mow, adjust your trimming schedule based on grass growth, which slows in cooler months. Make compost Save money by creating your own source of rich organic matter using a compost tumbler, bin or pile. Add layers of food scraps, lawn clippings, prunings, leaves and shredded newspaper or cardboard, advises Angie Thomas. "Keep the ingredients moist and turn over regularly to ensure it's well mixed and there's air flow," she says. "The compost pile should heat up, indicating the micro-organisms are hard at work." Depending on the weather and ingredients, the compost should be ready for use in 6-8 weeks. Cover up As the temperature drops and the pool becomes less enticing, consider covering it during the cooler months. You'll keep debris out of the water, minimise evaporation and help maintain the chemical levels - so there's less to top up when swimming resumes. Give the cover a sweep or a blast from a leaf blower as required. Put the pressure on Decks, patios and outdoor furniture get a workout during the entertaining season, so blitz grime, spills and debris with a thorough clean. When using a pressure washer, Candice Cooke at Kärcher suggests starting washing from a distance of around 30cm. "Then move the tip of the lance closer to the surface until you get a suitable result," she says. "There's a range of attachments to make cleaning hard-to-reach surfaces and stubborn dirt quick and easy." Always start with a low pressure; for furniture, first test an inconspicuous area. Clean gutters Summer storms and a flourish of new growth can leave gutters filled with leaf litter and debris by the start of autumn. Arm yourself with a ladder, good work gloves and bucket, scoop out the contents and toss it onto the garden as mulch. While tending to the area, also trim any overhanging branches to reduce potential future gutter fill. Another solution that will also help protect your gutters is to install heavy-duty mesh, like Jack 'Super' gutter guard. 42 bunnings.com.au | ☐ bunnings | ℗ bunnings | bunnings | f bunningswarehouseaustralia Photography Natalie Hunfalvay. Always use the right ladder for the job, make sure it has non-slip feet and is set up on a flat, stable and solid surface. Wear sturdy footwear, maintain three points of contact (for example both feet and one hand) on it at all times and make sure another person is nearby in case you need assistance.

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