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Before Before Detail SEED MASTERSTROKES Dip your brush (or roller) and create new treasures UPCYCLED SIDEBOARD Thoroughly clean a preloved timber sideboard inside and out with sugar soap, remove door knobs, scrape off flaking paint or varnish and mask off the glass door panels with painter's tape and paper. Sand to create a key for the paint and wipe away dust. Using an angled brush for detail work and a mini roller on larger sections, apply one coat of 3-in-1 primer inside and out. Leave to dry. Using a clean angled brush and a chalk-paint brush, apply two coats of Dulux 'Chalk Effect' paint to the outside, leaving to dry after each coat. Paint interior in a complementary shade, leaving to dry. Clean glass door panels, then attach window film (we used an applicator kit). Add new door knobs. Made using: Dulux '1Step Prep' primer, sealer & undercoat, 500ml, 1/N: 1370231, 'Chalk Effect' paint in Bordeaux Cream, 500ml, 1/N: 0056005, and sample pot paint in Piglet (inside), 250ml, 1/N: 1403730; Monarch 'Chalk Paint' 38mm brush, $26.48, I/N: 0319010. Pillar 0.9m static window film in Bronze Tint, $37.52/2m, 1/N: 0260541, and 7 piece window film applicator kit, $16.98, I/N: 0422550; and Lane 24mm knurled knobs in Brass, $4.18 each, I/N: 0135446. CHALK-EFFECT CHAIRS For previously painted timber chairs, wash down with sugar soap, scrape off any flaking paint, then fill any cracks, holes or indentations with timber filler and leave to dry. Sand filler and any rough areas to a smooth finish and wipe away dust. Using a paintbrush, apply one coat of 3-in-1 primer and leave to dry. Using a chalk-paint brush, apply two coats of Dulux 'Chalk Effect' paint, leaving to dry after each coat. Made using: Dulux '1Step Prep' primer, sealer & undercoat, as above, and 'Chalk Effect' paint in Bordeaux Cream, as above, and Old Navy, 500ml, 1/N: 0193088. WALL MURAL Ensure the background painted wall is clean and dry. Sketch designs in pencil onto the wall. Tip: Imperfectly hand-drawn curves and circles add quirky charm. Starting with the arch colour first, outline the design using a small angled brush, then fill in using a mini roller, applying two coats and leaving to dry after each coat. Repeat with the sun circle. Once dry, mask off the vertical stripe using painter's tape, then apply the colour as before and remove tape. Use a small round painting sponge to apply random dots to the dry vertical stripe, and a narrow craft brush to paint the sun's rays and eye. Made using: Dulux sample pot paints in Brown Ranch, Piglet and Painted Clay, 250ml, I/N: 1403730, and leftover White Dune Quarter (from walls); and Crafted assorted paint sponges, $5.30/pack of 4, 1/N: 0323822. BEAD MOBILE Sort macramé beads, decide which to leave natural and paint the others using a small paintbrush (we used leftover paint from our other projects), applying a second coat if needed. Cut twine into manageable 1m lengths. Thread beads onto twine, knotting off above and below when you're happy with the arrangement. Add wooden craft shapes in between the beads, using hot glue to secure to the twine. Knot each length of beaded twine onto a bamboo ring, including a few shorter ones. Take the excess from six evenly placed lengths up through a pair of centred beads and knot off, tying firmly to a length of hanger twine. Trim the other beaded twine lengths at the ring. Made using: Crafted assorted round macramé beads, $11.50/pack of 82, 1/N: 0323862; Boyle assorted wooden craft shapes, $6.50/pack of 40-45, 1/N: 0037715; Grunt jute twine, $3.20/75m, I/N: 4310292; and Crafted 10" (254mm) bamboo ring, $4, 1/N: 0323883. Some products are not available at all Bunnings stores, but may be ordered. Detail Keep in mind... ■When painting, always wear the recommended safety gear, work on a drop sheet, ensure the room is well ventilated and keep tools and materials out of the reach of children and pets. 20 bunnings.com.au | ☐ bunnings | ℗ bunnings | bunnings | f bunningswarehouseaustralia Beads are a choking hazard - keep them and mobile out of reach of small children.

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