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thumbnail - Woolworths Catalogue - 3 Apr 2024 - 9 Apr 2024 - Sales products - Boost, pads, stain remover, Vanish, fabric softener, laundry detergent, scent booster, body wash, Vaseline, sanitary pads, Poise, night cream, jelly cleanser, Essano, body lotion, anti-perspirant, deodorant, Brut, Gillette, razor, Venus, canvas, incontinence care. Page 7.
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WC030424/NSW7 ~Excludes Cartridge Blades. $15.0 SAVE $15 Fluffy Fabric Softener Scent Booster 500g $3 per 100g $375 ea 20 WEEKS 20 WEEKS OF FABULOUS Fluffy Fluffy Fingersen Temptations SPICE ALLURE IN-WASH SCENT BOOSTER O BRUT ORIGINAL TROPIC LIKE IT'S HOT LIMITED EDITIO IN WASH SCENT BOOSTER (500 ULTRA DRY-- Norscä 1/2 Price $425 ea Norscä $16. SAVE $16 Vanish Napisan Gold Oxi Action Stain Remover Powder 2 kg $8 per kg CAUTION GOLD MULTI-POWER NEW DOUBLES THE LIFE OF YOUR CLOTHES Napisan Vanish Oxi Action 2kg e CHLORINE-FREE LAUNDRY BOOSTER AMAZING RESULTS IN COLD & SHORT CYCLE SUITABLE FOR COLOURS & WHITES SAVE $3.75 Brut 24 Hour Antiperspirant or Norsca Deodorant 130g $2.88 per 100g $1150 ea SAVE $11.50 Gillette Venus Deluxe Smooth Platinum Razor THE SCENT OF WISDOM 24 ORIGINAL ANTI-PERSPIRANT 1300 Forest Fresh 48 ANTI-PERSPIRANT Gillette. Venus 5 Deluxe Blades Diamond like Deluxe Smooth Platinum For control Metal Handle SAVE $4.25 Norsca Australian Series Deodorant or Brut 72 Hour Australian Saltbush & Coconut botanicals Antiperspirant Deodorant 130g ANTI-PERSPIRANT $3.27 per 100g 1/2 Price Venus™ BRUT ORIGINAL THE SCENT OF WISDOM 7291 ORIGINAL ANTI-PERSPIRANT 1300 $9. SAVE $9 Glow Lab Body Wash 900ml $1 per 100ml $8. ea SAVE $8 Vaseline Body Lotion 750ml $1.07 per 100ml GLOW Vaseline. deep restore 48 HOISTURE GLOW LAB LAB MAN NATURE SCIENCE COCONUT & SANDALWOOD BODY WASH Asoothing and ched with Bene BODY WASH 20 * V Vaseline. Intensive Care aloe soothe 48 HOISTURE <-11 $485 SAVE $2.10 Poise Pads Pk 8-16 18 POISE 3+1 BLADDER PROTECTION REGULAR PADS 888000 BENDING, LIFTING, EXERCISING 16 POISE 3w1 BLADDER PROTECTION OVERNIGHT PADS UNEXPECTED, NIGHT-TIME $16.20 SAVE $10.80 Happy Skin Clean Canvas Jelly Cleanser 280ml or Essano Collagen Boost Night Cream 50g HAPPY SKIN CLEAN CANVAS JELLY CLEANSER 40% Off COL BOO NIGHT CRÈME INTENSE HYDRATION FOR FINE LINES &WRINKLES Enriched with Plant Peptides & Rosehip Oit 50g/1.70 fl os essano COLLAGEN 7

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