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18 FROM $15 SAVE UP TO $795 OFF RRPA SAVE 30% OFF RRPA IN ESSENCE $4550 SAVE $1949 OFF RRPA OiL GARDEN BYRON BAY SAVE 30% OFF RRPA OIL GARDEN SELECTED RANGE FROM $5 SAVE UP TO $649 OFF RRPA SAVE 50% OFF RRPA WILLA+RO SELECTED RANGE © OIL GARDEN ie: anxiety A calming blend c Sweet Orange, Lavender, Ylang Ylang &e Frankincense Essential O IN ESSEN traditionally and anxiety aromatherapy to Orang releve symptoma, ander, Yang Tan 100% pure essentia A IN ESSENCE ie: breathe & Pine A refreshing blence Eucalyptus, Mint Basential Otis ESSENCE le: traditionally used athe aromatherapy to 100% pure essentia IN ESSENCE 1H 3H 6H ON $6645 SAVE $2850 OFF RRPA Travel Diffuser Pod Waterless Made with 100% recycled plastic 3 intensity settings OIL GARDEN 100% PURE ESSENTIAL OIL peppermint Force in aromaty application purpose liquid MXpiperita leaf In 25m $1540 WILLA+RO ENERGISING BODY WASH WILLA+RO INVIGORATE HAND WASH SAVE $659 OFF RRPA CHAMOMILE, GERANIUM CEDARWOOD, LIME & SPEARMINT DI Oil Garden Travel Diffuser Pod or Peppermint Pure Essential Oil 25mL In Essence* selected Range Rexona ADVANCED PROTECTION 72H ИСТОК АСТРАНО SAVE 30% OFF RRPA REXONA SELECTED RANGE Dermal THERAPY $630 SAVE $269 OFF RRPA SAVE 30% DERMAL THERAPY SELECTED RANGE CRYSTAL DEODORANT NATURAL PROTECTION OFF RRPA Willa+Ro Selected Range FROM $1150 SAVE UP TO $6 OFF RRPA ANTIPERSPIRANT PROPERTIES WILLA+RO HAND BALM CEDARWOED LIME SAVE 30% OFF RRPA NEAT 3B SELECTED RANGE BRIGHT BOUQUET 130g/220ml It Won't Let You Down Rexona clinical protection SUMMER STRENGTH 96 3x STRONGER FROM $595 SAVE UP TO $443 OFF RRPA Dermal THERAPY ADVANCE CHAFING & SWEAT RASH PREVENTION CREAM TRIPLE ACTION FORMULA TO PREVENT CHAFING AND SWEAT RASH Dermal THERAPY CHAFING & SWEAT RASH PREVENTION CREA TRIPLE ACTION FORMU $1050 SAVE $449 OFF RRPA NEAT 3B More than just a Powder BODYPOWDER ANTI-CHAFING Helps prevent rash and minor skin irritation Absorbs excess perspiration Protects and soothes skin Helps prevent chafing 125g/4.4 oz NEAT 3B ACTION CREAM Sweat Rash & Chafing Cream NEAT BB ACTION CREAM Sweat Rash & Chafing Cream Active Ingredient Aunum 20% & BENEATH THE BREASTS, BUTTOCKS & LEGS www.neatfeat.com 759/2 Rexona Women Anti-Perspirant Advanced Protection Bright Bouquet 220ml or Clinical Protection Antiperspirant Deodorant Summer Strength 45ml Dermal Therapy Crystal Deodorant Stick 120g or Chafing & Sweat Rash Cream 75g Neat 3B Body Powder 125g or Action Cream 75g READ SAFETY DIRECTION -REPELLING- RiD SINCE 1956 TROPICAL ANTISEPTIC BITE PROTECTION REPELS +PROTECTS READ SAFETY DIRECTIONS -REPELLING- RiD SINCE 1956 TROPICAL ANTISEPTIC BITE PROTECTION REPELS PROTECTS READ SAFETY DIRECTIONS -REPELLING RiD SINCE 1956 SENSITIVE ANTISEPTIC BITE PROTECTION REPELS +PROTECTS ALCOHOL FREE OUTS & KIDS 12 MONTHS TISSUES Kleenex wellbeing 953 PLY TISSUES aloe vera & vitamin e OUR SKI x 19.5cm Kleenex wellbeing 953-PLY TISSUES aloe vera & vitamin e 20.5cm x 19.5cm Kleenex Soothe Aloe Vera & Vitamin E Facial Tissues 95 pack YOUR SAVE 20% RRPA $259 SAVE 71¢ EA OFF RRPA SECT REPELLENT SPRAY CONSTITUENTS THYLTOLAMID ICLOSAN RID* Selected Range NSECT REPELLENT ACTE CONSTITUENTS ETHYLTOLAMIDE NOT CLONEPTINE DICARDOSIMIDE CLOSAN SECT REPELLENT SPRAY LAMIDE MAMEPITHE DICARBOXMIDE CLOSAN SAVE 20% RRPA $8799 SAVE $221 EA OFF RRPA fo You Tube ^Savings listed are calculated from suppliers recommended retail price (RRP) at the time of preparation and not necessarily previous in-store price. Due to our competitive pricing policy we may not have sold at RRP. "The percentage savings shown are calculated to the nearest 5% of the actual saving. *Always read the label and follow directions for use.

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