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JOHN FRIEDA LONDON PARIS NEW YOR JOHN FRIEDA LONDON PARIS NEW YOR SAVE 40% OFF RRPA JOHN FRIEDA SELECTED RANGE FRIZZ ease dream curls FRIZZ ease dream curls MOUSSE BOUCLES IDEALSH CURL REVIVER MOUSSE CURL REVIVER HOUSSE HOUSSE BOUCLES IDEALES 210g 210g CAUTION ATTENTION CAUTION ATTENTION CONTAINER Schwarzkopf extra care HAIR STYLING Schwarzkopf extra care HAIR STYLING SAVE 50% OFF RRPA SCHWARZKOPF SELECTED RANGE PANTENE PANTENE PRO-V PROV DAILY Moisture RENEWAL 0% PARAFFINS DAILY Moisture RENEWAL 0% MINERAL OILS SAVE 17 40% OFF RRPA PANTENE SELECTED RANGE $1260 SAVE $839 EA OFF RRPA ESTRONG STYLING ESTRONG STYLING HAIRSPRAY LONG-LASTINGS PRODICTS THE HAR FROM DRYING OUT HOLD & CARE FORMULA EXTRA STRONG HOLD HAIRSPRAY LE FILLONG-LASTING STYLES POTECTS THE HAR FROMDRYING HOLD & CARE FORMULA EXTRA STRONG HOLD $5 EA SAVE $5 EA OFF RRPA SHAMPOO 375 mL 250 g 250 g John Frieda Frizz-Ease Curl Reviver Styling Mousse 210g $6 SAVE $599 OFF RRPA Colgate CAUTION KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN Colgate SAVE 50% RRPA COLGATE SELECTED RANGE Schwarzkopf EC Hair Spray Strong Hold 250g SAVE 30% OFF RRPA CURASEPT SELECTED RANGE OPTIC WHITE EXPERT HIGH IMPACT DEEPLY WHITENS UP TO 4 SHADES OPTIC WHITE PRO SERIES REMOVES 15 YEARS OF STAINS STAIN PREVENTION $10 SAVE $10 OFF RRPA NET 80 g (63 mL) ENAMEL SAFE SPARKLING INT NET 85g TOOTHPASTE HYDROGEN PEROXIDE 40mg/5.0%w/ Oral - Rinse CURASEPT ORAL CARE SYSTEM Protects irritated gums CURASEPT ADS 212 ANTI DISCOLORATION SYSTEM for Oral - Rinse CURASEPT DRAL CARE SYSTEM Intensive protection CURASEPT ADS 220 ANTI DISCOLORATION SYSTEM Mundpi $1325 SAVE $570 EA OFF RRPɅ CONDITIONER $6 EA 375 mL SAVE $399 EA OFF RRPA Pantene Daily Moisture Renewal Shampoo or Conditioner 375ml ISTERINE LISTE LISTERINE LISTER STERINE LISTE LISTER KILLS 99% OF BAD BREATH GERMS NEW LOO KILLS 99% OF BAD NEW BREATH GERMS LOOK SAVE 30% RRPA LISTERINE SELECTED RANGE ANTIBACTERIAL MOUTHWASH LISTERINE TOTAL CARE OUR MOST COMPLETE PROTECTION ANTIBACTERIAL MOUTHWASH LISTERINE TOTAL CARE OUR MOST COMPLETE PROTECTION 6131858 10IN12 BENEFITS as better and ADA 10IN12 BENEFITS $1190 SAVE $510 EA OFF RRPA Colgate Optic White Toothpaste High Impact 85g or Toothpaste Optic White Pro Series 80g $1615 SAVE $285 EA OFF RRPA SAVE 15% OFF RRPA BIOTENE SELECTED RANGE Curasept* Chlorhexidine Mouth Rinse 0.12% or Mouth Rinse 0.20% Chlorhexidine 200ml ORAL ORAL Beat Robgabago SAVE 30% OFF RRPA ORAL 7 SELECTED RANGE Listerine Total Care Mouthwash 1 litre SAME PRODUCT NEW TABLET COLOUR POLIDENT 3 Minute DAILY CLEANSER FOR DENTURES Fast, fresh, deep clean in 3 minutes Removes 99.9% of odour causing bacteria POLIDENT SAVE 15% OFF RRPA∞ biotène® DRY MOUTH RELIEF Fluoride Toothpaste biotène® DRY MOUTH RELIEF Fluoride Toothpaste FRESH MINT ORIGINAL GENTLE FORMULA NET 120 g FRESH MINT ORIGINAL GENTLE FORMULA NET 120 g Biotene Dry Mouth Toothpaste Original Fresh Mint 120g REAL DRY MOUTH RELIEF MOUTH GEL Active ENZYMES Lasting Dry Mouth Relief Helps Soothe Gums Sugar & Saccharin FREE NET WT 1.6 0Z 40ml (50g) REAL DRY MOUTH RELIEF FROM $970 Mild Mint MOUTH SPRAY Active ENZYMES Calcium No Alcohol-Gentle NET 50ml 1.7fl.oz.e SAVE UP TO $652 OFF RRPA 4 in 1 CLEANING SYSTEM Oral 7 Moisturising Mouth Gel 50g or Mouth Spray 50ml 2° FOR $30 $320 SAVE $320 OFF RRPA Libra SAVE 50% MADE IN Australia OFF RRPA LIBRA SELECTED RANGE CADPA 36 TABLETS $545 SAVE 95¢ OFF RRPA Polident Fresh Active Denture Cleanser 36 tablets. 100% DANDERY head& shoulders ANTI DANDRUFF SHAMPOO CLEAN & BALANCED LONG LASTING DANDRUFF PROTECTION 100% head& shoulders ANTI DANDRUFF CONDITIONER SAVE 30% OFF RRPA HEAD & SHOULDERS SELECTED RANGE CLEAN & BALANCED CONDITIONER Ultra Thin REGULAR 00 BodyFit shape Ultimate protection WINGS 14 PADS 0% PHOSPHATES OPARABENS NO 1 400 ml 0% PAGARENS PARAFFINS 400 ml $10,50 SAVE $449 EA OFF RRPA Gregory Craig Sunglasses $20.99 EA OR 2° FOR $30 Libra Ultra Thin Wings Regular 14 pack Head & Shoulders Clean & Balanced Shampoo or Conditioner 400ml ^Savings listed are calculated from suppliers recommended retail price (RRP) at the time of preparation and not necessarily previous in-store price. Due to our competitive pricing policy we may not have sold at RRP. "The percentage savings shown are calculated to the nearest 5% of the actual saving. *Always read the label and follow directions for use. *Must be in one transaction.

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