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Stingy stools? Constipation is no fun. Did you know, rather than how often we go, the consistency of our poo is more important to consider? Hard, dry poo is difficult to move and can come with other unpleasant symptoms such as bloating, gas and abdominal pain. Need help to get moving? Here are some tips. • Go when you need to go - When we wait, water is removed from the poo in our bowels and makes it more difficult to pass later. A habit of ignoring the urge means these clues weaken over time. • Don't rush - Use a seated squat, leaning forward slightly with feet apart, a straight back and forearms on the thighs. This helps relax your pelvic floor. • Some medications can slow movements - Examples include antidepressants, some iron supplements, some blood pressure medications, non-magnesium antacids, codeine and some cancer treatments. • Laxatives - Laxatives are for short-term use, as they can interfere with nerve cells and our natural muscle contractions. Ask your Pharmacist about other over-the-counter products, such as bulking agents and stool softeners. • Eat well - Fresh fruit, vegetables, wholegrains and other fibre-rich foods are key. Reducing food intake does not "clean" your colon. Whatever the cause, if you are experiencing constipation talk to your Pharmacist about solutions to suit you. Scan for more Sources: https://www.betterhealth.vic.gov.au/health/ conditionsandtreatments/constipation. https://www.webmd. com/digestive-disorders/constipation-what-not-to-do Digestive ❖ HEALTH Coloxyl WITH SENNA Docusate sodium 50 mg Total sennosides (calculated as sennoside B) 8 mg atural Senna + Coloxy SAVE 20% INFANT DROPS Poloxamer 100 mg/mL OFF RRPA∞ COLOXYL* SELECTED RANGE FROM $819 FROM $999 SAVE UP TO $510 OFF RRPA AUSTL 265710 EXTRA STRENGTH Prunelax BELIE Single Active ingredient Senna Alexandrina leaf extract 75 mg Equiv. Sennosides B 15 mg. (Equiv. Dry Senna Leaf 1.275 g) Also contains natural plum extract (for flavouring only). To relieve constipation SAVE 30% RRPA∞ PRUNELAX* SELECTED RANGE Prunelax Angga Dry Sea Lea 340 ngg 11 Laxatives DUAL ACTION CONSTIPATION RELIEF Stimulates Movement Softens Stools 2000 EASY TO SWALLOW TABLETS CONSTIPATION RELIEF 0-3 YEARS Softens Stools Caramel Chocolate SAVE UP TO $610 OFF RRPA 80 30 ORAL DROPS ML MEASURING SYRINGE ENCLOSED Coloxyl* with Senna 200 tablets or Infant Drops Constipation Relief 30ml $11.99 SAVE $8 EA OFF RRPA MOVICOL Flavour Free Effective treatment of constipation FLAVOUR FRE 30 SACHETS MOVICOL Chocolate Flavour Effective treatment of constipation CHOCOLATI FORGER 30 SACHETS Movicol* Selected Range 100% Natural Benefiber Makes Taking Fibre Easier! Dissolves Completely i Beverages and Soft Foods in TASTE-FREE No A Made 100% Natural SAVE 40% OFF RRPA MOVICOL Lemon-Lime Flavour Effective treatment of constipation TABLETS Tave constipation 40ADULT DOSES Actor 300g gel Actor Prunelax* Extra Strength Laxative 80 tablets or Smooth 300g Clinic Prove OsmoLax Macrogol 3350 1g/g powder for solution Relief SAVE 20% OFF RRPA∞ LEMON-LIME Provides effective relief of constipation Hydrating action to soften and ease Helps restore the body's natural rhythm Adults & Children 4+ 35 Adult Doses Net Wt. 595g AUST L 196162 No salty taste Mix with any beverage $1849 SAVE $470 OFF RRPA 30 SACHETS SAVE 10% Benefiber Makes Taking Fibre Easier! Dissolves Completely in Beverages and Soft Foods TAST RRPA∞ $1079 SAVE $170 EA OFF RRPA Osmolax* Relief 595g $1649 TerryWhite Chemmart KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN MACROGOL PLUS ELECTROLYTES MACROGOL 3350 SODIUM CHLORIDE. SODIUM BICARBONATE POTASSIUM CHLORIDE.. EFFECTIVE RELIEF OF CONSTIPATION POWDER FOR ORAL LIQUID ALSTR 320585 .13.125 g .350.7 mg 178.5 mg 46.6 mg Sugar-free Lemon Flavour 30 SACHETS Laxatives Fibre & Laxatives Benefiber 155g pharmacy only TerryWhite Chemmart* Macrogol 30 sachets 24HR PROTECTION FROM FREQUENT HEARTBURN ONE TABLET EVERY 24 HOURS Guardium* Acid Reflux Relief 14 tablets 24 HOUR ONE TABLET DAILY GUARDIUM ACID REFLUX RELIEF Lasting relief for frequent heartburn and acid reflux Always read the label and follow the directions for use. $999 SAVE $6 OFF RRPA FROM THE HEARTBURN EXPERTS GAVISCON ^Savings listed are calculated from suppliers recommended retail price (RRP) at the time of preparation and not necessarily previous in-store price. Due to our competitive pricing policy we may not have sold at RRP. The percentage savings shown are calculated to the nearest 5% of the actual saving. *Always read the label and follow the directions for use. Reflux

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