Supercheap Auto catalogue 3.7.2019 - 14.7.2019 - NO LONGER VALID *

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Scroll through the Supercheap Auto promotional specials valid from 3.7.2019 to 14.7.2019. On 16 pages of the currently valid catalogue, you will find the best goods from the Hobby, DIY and hardware category. This catalogue offers discounts on more than 187 products that certainly belong among the goods you regularly buy. If you want to save on your next shopping at Supercheap Auto, do not forget to leaf through the entire specials from page 1 to page 16. On the current page you will find promotions on air compressor, batteries, battery, cabinet, dates, fluid, motor oil; however, circular of Supercheap Auto offers many other discounts on goods like bench, bike, bottle, cabinet, gloves. If you want to shop smart and save a significant portion of the costs of your next shopping at your favourite Supercheap Auto store, you should not miss this catalogue full of amazing prices and wonderful discounts. Come back to every day and you will not miss any of the great promotions offered by your favourite retailers.
* Valid at all Supercheap Auto stores
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MID YEAR SUPERCHEAP sale AUTO UP TO 50% OFF DIRECT DRIVE COMBO DEAL *LIMIT 2 PER CUSTOMER 14 PIECE KIT Castrol EDGE & 50%OFF BLACK RIDGE 10M HOSE TITANIEAM FST THE LOT 5W-30 AB4 $19998 SAVE $22348 BLACKRIDGE EVGNE OL 2.5MP AIR COMPRESSOR COMBO Sm y 10m 3 valed at S423 46 for only S199 98 SAVE S99 1&an Air ce Air Tool Kit Castrol RIDGE RYDER DEEP DISH RUBBER FLOOR MATS OFF OFF EDGE ENGINE OIL MULTI BUY EACH SET ACEA A3/B4. Ful Synthetic $30 49 $35 89 Designed to canture sand drt & mud alable in Fluid hTachoolony Antislin hack wearing nubber 324338-89 SAVE $30 S0 SAVE $35 99 EXPORT LA CYRORT EXPORT EM CPORT 29906 BTR 40FF ww *LIMIT 2 PER CUSTOMER AUSTRALIAN ALL SPEAKERS EXPORT ATRO 25%OFF ANY 4 FOR GENAMEL AEROSOL PAINT $10 ToolPRO Valvoline spray paint for interior & exterior user DIESEL SAVE $756 icibu igetaing ue or Toltenel SUPER DIESEL ToolPRO 15W-40 Century DUAL FOI 5L 50%OFF entury 30OFF SUPER DIESEL ENGINE OIL TOOIPRO NEON TOOL CABINETS Heavy duty ball bearing drwer sides 25%O tntury R CH-4/. CG-4. SJ. ACEAA3/83E5, 50%OFF EACH Ware OFF $22 99 FROMM $29.99 SAVE $15 4WD BATTERIES Top Chest 340 l ckng Roller Cabinet $499.50 SAVE $499.50 HALOGEN Australian conditions. FROM HEADLIGHT GLOBES Check local store for avalability :Battery Terminals from Store stock only, whle last, no rainchecks $181 50 SAVE $23 Regular reail price Store stack onl glkbes ck c , colours may vary by store пg See in stote for alabilt $12 49 3s4970-73 Castrol Win A TRIP FOR YOU & 3 MATES TO THE USA Castrol RENAULT EF TEAN PURCHASE ANY CASTROL PRODUCT AT SUPERCHEAP AUTO or online at & scan your Club Plus or Trade Direct Card at the time of purchase for your chance to win! Promotion ends 18/08/19. OFFICIAL PARINER CLU For more detaile rn S50,00 SALE DATES 03/07/19-14/07/19 MEET DANIEL RICCIARDO