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Crab legs

Crab legs can be found on the table of people around the world. They are delicious, you can prepare them in many ways, and they are very easy to prepare. Don't you believe?

Crab legs are one of the simplest dishes that you can prepare in the comfort of your home. The restaurant is always a very expensive meal, and you can easily prepare it at home. You can cook, stew, or grill this amazing delicacy. In any case, you only need crab legs, ½ a cup of melted butter, 1 tablespoon of Old Bay spices and 1 diced lemon. Everything else will be just a side dish that you can enjoy according to your taste. This is the best thing about this dish, because everyone can enjoy it, regardless of their favourite tastes. The basis is, of course, a quality product that you can get from the best suppliers to your home!

Surely you have already encountered the special crab tongs used by restaurants. You don't have to buy anything like that at home. All you must do is take the kitchen scissors and open the shell of the foot lengthwise. By removing the shell, you get to the tasty meat. You should always put enough pressure on the outer packaging, but you must not overdo it, otherwise you will crush the meat inside, and it will not taste as good as it could. When you get inside, take out the meat with a small fork, put it on a plate and enjoy its unique taste. Plus, get it ready in just 7 minutes! There's nothing complicated about it, but for the first time you probably won't be able to do it easily.

You can serve them in many ways, but people love them most with melted butter and pieces of lemon on the side. Once the meat is out of the shells, you can squeeze some lemon juice on it and soak it in melted butter. In New England, it is good practice to serve crab legs with Old Bay spices that accentuate its taste. Just sprinkle the meat a little with this spice. As with the previous method of serving, you can also add melted butter and pieces of lemon. No matter how you prepare it, you are guaranteed not to regret it and your family will be thrilled.


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