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MSY Technology Catalogue - 21 Oct 2021 - 21 Oct 2021 - Sales products - gaming case, Apple, LG, Intel, anti-virus, Office 365, Windows 10, Acer, Asus, Lenovo, Hewlett Packard, Philips, tp-link, webcam, Samsung, laptop, notebook, rog strix, Gigabyte, computer, MSI, Corsair, GeForce, Seagate, hard disk, WD, SDHC, flash drive, Logitech, cpu cooler, Thermal Compound, monitor, TV, Blu-ray, Airpods, remote control, adapter. Page 1.
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Scroll through this MSY Technology catalogue valid from 21 Oct 2021 to 21 Oct 2021 to see the latest deals. On 3 pages of the current weekly catalogue, you will find the best goods from the Electrical category. If you want to save on your next shopping trip to MSY Technology, don't forget to look through the entire catalogue from page 1 to page 3. If you want to shop smart and save on your next shopping trip to MSY Technology, don’t miss the latest weekly catalogue full of amazing prices and wonderful sales. Come back to Au Catalogues every day to make sure you don’t miss out on great specials offered by your favourite retailers.

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Modern televisions are no longer just a transmission medium but have a number of interesting functions. You can even communicate with the world through television.

We buy most electric receivers for the household for a longer period. This includes not only appliances that have only a practical function (such as a refrigerator), but also those that are intended to provide us with fun and distraction after a hard day's work.

  • One of the most used electrical appliances for entertainment is television.
  • And for a long time.

When choosing a suitable TV, it is good to see everything from a future point of view. Which means that even after a few years, we will demand that television meet our expectations. At present, modern televisions are not merely an intermediary for television broadcasting but have a number of other functions. They become a multimedia centre.

We can watch online movie premieres, enjoy the HbbTV function or communicate with the world.


The manufacturer of electronic devices Samsung always offers original technical solutions in its products for maximum comfort and convenience of its customers.

Samsung has been at the forefront of the global market for more than seventy years and continues to offer new electronics solutions. The products sold mainly include digital devices and media. So, you can find the Samsung brand on mobile phones, TVs, audio and video equipment, cameras, or cameras. Samsung is also a manufacturer and supplier of office equipment, which mainly includes laptops, monitors, and printers. Large household appliances are also among the products sold.

• Samsung products are mostly exceptional in terms of quality and sophisticated technology.

• For example, refrigerators use the multi-Flow cooling system, which guarantees even cooling of all stored food.

• Microwave ovens have technology that ensures even heating of food from all sides.


Apple has been in the limelight for a very long time. It was founded in 1976 and its specializations include mainly hardware and software.

At present, Apple products belong to the absolute top in their field. Among the most popular products are the Mac series, handheld sets, and iPod MP3 players.

  • Constantly new innovations also apply to other well-known products.
  • These include in particular

            - iPhone smartphone

            - iPad tablet

            - Apple Watch

Apple products have high-quality operating systems that work reliably and at a high level.

  • Computers are equipped with the macOS operating system.
  • iPhones have an integrated iOS operating system.
  • You will find the iPad OS on the iPad.
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RTX3050.16GB, 512GB SSD ASUS ROG 17.3" FHD(G7130C-H0013TI R7-580OH, RTX3050.16GB, 512GB SSD ZENBOOK 14 FHD (UM425UAZ-KI004TIAMD R5-5500U, AGB. 512GB SSD ZENBOOK 14 FHD (UXA25 EA-KI4 19R) i5-113SG7, 8GB, 512GB SSD ZENBOOK 14 FHD (UM425 UAZ-KI02 3TIAMD R7-5700U, 16GB, 512GB SSD 799 749 "llth intel LGA 1Z00 (Genuine Retail Boxed CPU) PRICE 999 49 intel i5-11400(OEMI 299 1069 49/49 55 59 / 48 * AMD AM4 Hyzen 3, 5, 7, 9(Genuine Retail Baxed CPUJ ** PRICE 1249 AMD Ryzen5 3600 Tray (100-10000003 1) OEM AMD Ryzen 5 600 329 1899 1895 52 /52 AMD Ryzen5 5600X/ 5600G 424 / 359 1999 8GB (Single) 3200 Kingston Value RAM 65 AMD Ryzen5 S800x AMD Ryzen7 5700G AMD Ryzen 9 5900X 5950X IGB (Single 3200 ADATA Premier 16GB (Single 2400 NEO FORZA 16GB (Singlej 2666 NEO FORZA/ Gell / Kingston 52 99 1299 509 1399 839/ 1099 1599 99/ 99 /119 ZENBOOK 14' FHD (UXA25 EA-K4 20R) 17-1165G7, 16GB, 512GB SSD ASUS VIVOBOOK 17.3' FHD (S712EA-AU02 3T15-1135G7, 8GB, IT HDD+ 512GB SSD Motherboard (Selecteil Quality Brandel Motherboards) Price 1899 16GB (Singlej 2666 DDR4 ADATA Premier 1200pin Chipset H410/ H470 Series Motherboard*** PRICE 1299 16GB Singlej 3200 DDR4 GelL Pristine / Neo Forza 102 / 102 Gigatyte H410M-S2H-V2 / H410M-H-V2 ASROCK H470M-HDV ASUS VIVOBOOK 17.3" FHD (S712 EA-AU024T|17-1165G7, 16GB, 1T HDD +512GB SSD* 15.6FHD (XS 15 EA-BQ861T) i5-1135G7, 8G RAM, 512GB PCle SSD, Win 10Home GIGABYTE (U4 UD-704 UI 17-1195G7, 16GB 3200 RAM, 512G SSD, 14'FHD, 990g, Win 10Home 16GB (Single 3200 Kingston ValueRAM 1649 123 DDRI Desklop Memary (Kil) 66 PRICE 1049 PRICE *1 200pin Chipset H510 Series Motherboard* 16GB Kit (8GBx21 2666 NEO FORZA Faye Gray 1799 105 Asus PRIME H510M-A Asus PRIME H510M-D/CSM 16GB Kt (8GX2) 2666 Kingston FURY Beast (Black! 6GB Kit (8GBx2) 2666 GelL EVO POTENZA RED/black 16GB Kt (aGBx2) 2666 Thermaltake HONE Gigabyte G5 GD 15.6' FHD i5-11400H, RTX3050.16GB. 512GB SSD 1499 125 105 109 135 Gigabyte G5 MD 15.6' FHD i5-11400H, RTX3050 TL16GB, 512GB SSD 1569 Gigabyte G7 MD 17.3' FHD 17-11800H, RTX3050 TĻ16GB, 512GB SSD Gigatyte GS KC 15.6" FHD i5-10500H, RTX3060.16GB, 512GB SSD ASRack H5 10M-HVS 89 1799 ***1200pin Chipset B460 Sedes Motherboard** PRICE 1599 16GB Kit (8GB x2) 3200 NEO FORZA 109 AsRack B460M-STEEL-LEGEND/ B460M-PRO4 MSI B460M A PRO GIGABYTE B46OM AORUS PRO HPProbook 430 13.3" HD (Probook 430ji5-1135G7 8GB, 256GB SSD* HP Probook 440 14" HD (Probook 440 G8) i5-1135G7 ,16GB, 512GB SSD LENOVO THINKBOOK 135 13.3 HD 15-102 10U AGB. 256GB SSD 16GB Kt (aGB x2) 3200 GeIL EVO Potena Black 6GB Kit (AGX21 3200 ADATA XpG D30 GAMMIX 16GB Kt (8GX21 3200 Kineston FURY Beast (Blacki 125 1299 115 109 165 1059 135 *1200pin Chipset B560 Seies Motherboard** PRICE 16GB Kit (8Gx2) 3200 Corsair Vengeance LPX 16GB Kt (aGx21 3200 Thermaltake H-ONE 16GB Kit (8GX2) 3600 NEO FORZA / Geil EVO POTENZA (redj/black) 16GB Kt (8Gx2) 3500 Thermaltake HONE 129 ASUS PRIME BS60M-K/ TUF-GAMING-8560M-PLUS-WIFI 119 /189 2.5-3.5 Internal-Extemal HD PRICE 112 M.2 Solid State Dnive MSI MAG B56OTOMAHAWK WIFI MSI MAG MAG (BS60 TORPEDOJ/ MSI BS6OM MAG BAZOOKA MSI B56OM-A PRO / MSI B56OM MORTAL WIFI / MSI B560M PRO-VDH WIFI GIGABYTE B56OM DS3HA B560M DS3H 259 PRICE 17/119 Seagate FireCuda 520 2TE Seagate FireCuda 530 2TB Seagate Ironwolf 510 960GB WD Green M.2120GB/240GB/480GB WD Blue 3D M.2250GB/500GB/1 TB 165 /125 119 115/185/149 16GB Kit (8GX2) 3600 Kingston FURY Beast 139 149 16GB Kt (8GX2) 3500 CORSAIR Vengeace LPX 145 35/ 48 /73 58/ 85 /135 *1200pin Chipset 2490 Series Motherboard** PRICE 6GB Kit (8GX2) 4000 NEO FORZA FAYE 125 Gigabyte 2490 UD MSI Z490 GAMING PLUS 199 16GB Kit (8Gx21 4400 NEO FORZA FAYE 32GB Kit (16GB x213200 Corsair Vengeance RGB PRO black 32GB Kit (16GB x2)3200 NEO FORZA / Geil EVO POTENZA (black M.Z NVME Salid State Drive PRICE 269 Kineston A2000 NVME M 2 250GB / SIOGB Kingston NV1 NVME" M.2 S0OGB /1 TB/2TB Kingston KC2500 NVME M.2 500GB ADATA SX6000 Lite 512GB / XPG SX8200 Pro 512GB WD BLUE SN55O 250GB/ 500GB /1TB *** 1200pin Chipset 2590 Series Motherboard** PRICE 54/ 79 215 /215 259 / 259 ASRack 2990M-PRO4 169 69/129/269 32GB Kit (16Gb x2)3200 Corsair Venge ance black/ WHITE ASRack 2590 Ste el Legend / 2590 Steel Legend WiFi 6E ASRack 2590 Pha ntom Gaming 4/ac ASRack 2590 Taichi 199 / 299 32GB Kt (16GB x213600 Kineston FURY Beast 229 189 82 /95 32GB Kit (16GB x21 3600 NEO FORZA Gell EVO POTENZA black 225 / 225 32GB Kt (8GX2) 4400 NEO FORZA FAYE 2GB Kit (8Gx2) 4600 NEO FORZA FAYE 295 57/84 /145 299 Asus PRIME 2590M-PLUS 249 WD Black SN750 250GB/SOOGB / 1TB WD Black SN850 500GB cial M.2 P1 50OGB /2TB 72/115/206 349 Asus PRIME Z590-P/CSM/ PRIME Z590-P WIFI Selectell Desktop RGB Memary 239 / 259 279 / 299 169 PRICE 16GB Kit (8GX2 3200 NEO FORZA Mars RGB /GelL Super LUCE RGB 16GB Kt (8GX2] 3200 Kingston FURY Beast (Black RGB Asus TUF GAMING Z590 PLUS TUF GAMING Z590 PLUS WIFI 129 /129 MSI Z590 A PRO / Z590 PRO WIFU MAG Z590 TOMAHAWK WIFI / MPG Z59OM-Gaming-EDGE-WIFE Gigabyte 2590M GAMING X/ Z590 GAMINGX Gigabyte 250 AORUS ELITE 66/ 295 52/75/139 72/95/185 209/259/339/249 Crucial M.2 P2 250GB/50OGB / 1TB 139 179/229 Crucial M.2 P5 250GB / 500GB/ 1TB Seagate BarraCuda NVME M.2 Q5 S0OGB / 1TB Samsung 970 EVO Plus 250GB / 500GB / 1TB/ 2TB Samsung 980 S0OGB /1TB Samsung 980 Pro 16GB Kit (8GX2) 3200 Corsair Vengeance RGB RS 6GB Kt (8GX21 3600 NEO FORZA Mars RGB 139 75/139 82/105/195/399 92/ 179 16GB Kit (8GX2) 3600 Geil SUPER LUCE RGB SYNC (BLACK) 16GB Kt (8GB x2 3500 Kingston FURY Beast RGB Gigabyte 2590I AORUS ULTRA 249 135 Gigabyte 2590-TORPEDO 289 149 3600 Corsair Vengeance RGB RS RGB 32GB Kt (16GB x2) 3200 Gell SUPER LUCE RGB SYNC 32GB Kit (16GB x21 3600 Kingston FURY Beast RGB igabyte -G TB/2TB 159/267/539 149 AM4 Chipset B450 Seies Motherboard 25 Intemal Solid State Drive PRICE PRICE 239 MSI B45OM PRO-VDH MAX 45 /69 66 PRICE Crucial BXS00 3D NAND SATA 240GB/ 480GB 269 ***AM4 Chipset AS20 Series Motherboard* al BX500 3D NAND SATA 1T/ 2T 124 /245 32GB Kt (aGB x21 3500 Corsair Vengeance RGB RS RGB 269 99 Gigatyte AS20M- ASRack AS2OM/A Asus Prime A520M-A/CSM/ Prime A520M-K/ TUF GAMING A520M-PLUS Crucial MX500 SATA3 250GB/500GB 55 / 78 32GB Kit (16GB x2) 3600 GelL SUPER LUCE RGB SYNC black 255 Sodimm Memory 136 /269 455 Crucial MXS00 SATA3 1TB/2TB Crucial P5 2 TO (CT2000PSSSD8) Seasate BarraCuda 2,5' SATA II 3D 01240GA Kineston A400 SATA3 120GB/240GB/480GB 99 119/99/119 4GB (Singlej 160O DDR3 Kingston 1 35V MSI AS2OM-A PRO 99 8GB (Sinelel 1333 DDR3 1.35V Neo Forza 59 AM4 Chipset 8520/B550 Series Motherboard 45 /65 39/ 44 /69 53/75/139/259 8GB (Single) 1600DDR3 1.35V NEO FORZA/ Gell 55/55 ASRack B55OM-HDV/ BSSOM-Steel Legend 109 WD Green 120GB/240GB/480GB 8GB (Single| 1600 DDR3 1.35V Kingston / Kingston (KVR16511/8 a9/95 WD Blue 3D 250GB/500GB/1TB/2TB Samsung 870 QvO ITB/2 TB / 4TB /8TB Sadimm Notebaook DORA Memory ASRack B55OM PHANTOM GAMING ASRock B550M PHANTOM GAMING 4/AC 139 PRICE 169 129/238/469/899 (Sinclel 2133 D DR4 NEO FORZA 55 25 Notebook SATA Internal Had DISA Dnve ASUS Prime B5SOM-K/ B5SOM-A WIFI ASUS TUF GAMING BSSOM-PLUS WIFI MSI B55OM BAZOOKA / MORTAR WIFI / B550 TOMAHAWK / MAG B55OM MORTAR MSI B5SOM-A PRO / B55OM-PRO/ B5SOM PRO-VDH WIFI GIGABYTE B55OM-H 139 /179 PRICE 8GB (Single 2400 DDR4 NEO FORZA / GelL 52 /52 WD 7200rpm SPZX 1 TB Seagate BarraCuda 1TB/2TB 239 59 IGB (Single | 2666 DDR4 GelL / NEO FORZA / Kingston SO-DIMM 49/49 /59 179/229/199 115/129/169 62/ 114 8GB (Single) 2666 DDR4 ADATA Premier 48 35 SATAInternal Hard Disk Drive 52 PRICE 8GB (Single 32I0 DDR4 GeIL Pristine 119 ADATA SU630 480GB 8GB (Single| 3200 DDR4 Kingston ValueRAM SODIMM 65 52/75/109/109 WD Blue 1TB/ 2TB (7200RPM)/3TB/ 3TB(256M) WD Blue 4TB(540ORPMI /6TB 6GB Singlej 2400 DDR4 NEO FORZA 16GB (Single) 2666 DDR4 ADATA Premier 16GB (Singlej 256 DDR4 NEO FORZA/GelL/ Kingston Value RAM GIGABYTE BS5OM-SZH / BSSOM-AORUS ELITE 119 ***AM4 Chipset XS 70 Series Motherboard PRICE 128 / 225 95 ASRack X570 Phantom Gaming 4/X570-Steel Lege nd 199 / 299 Seagate EXOS 3.5" 7E8 4TB 256MB 99/99 /119 ASRack X570 Steel Lege nd WIFI AX MSI MAG X570S TOMAHAWK MAX WIFI ASUS Prime X570-P/CSM/ TUF X570-PLUS GAMING WIFI 49/ 75/ 109 122/199/269 339 Seagate BarraCuda 1TB/2TB/ 3TB 16GB (Singlel 3200 DDRA GelL Pristine / Neo Forza SODIMM 102 / 102 359 Seagate BarraCuda 4TB /6TB / STB 16GB (Singlej 3200 DDR4 Kings ton Value RAM SO-DIMM 129 249/349 3.5 Surveilance Hard Disk brive PRICE Sekcted Quality Case With Power Supply PRIČE VGA Graphic Card (NVIDIA, AMD Railcon) AMD Ralcon Chipsel GFU Senes WD Purole 1TB/2TB/3TB WD Purgle 4TB Alcatraz Futura NS000 Pro (ATX Tower) w/230W PSU (BLACK&BLUEV BLACK ARMAGGEDDON Nimitz TR1100( 3'LED fan with 235FX PSU Rotanium Prime-101/ Prime-301 Rotanium Prime-400 RGB/ Prime-401 RGB Coolermaster 420W PSU RC-344 Antec S00W PSU VSK3-50/ VSKA 500 PRICE 65/ 87 /116 62 /62 PRICE 145 69 72 /72 AGB RX 6600 XT MSI GAIMNG X/ MECH ZX OC AGB RX 6600 XT ASROCK Phantom Gaming D OC GB HX 6600 XT ASROCK Challenger D OC 12GB RX 6700 XT ASUS DUAL/ ROG S TRIX 012GGAMING WD Purple PRO 6 TB / STB WD Purple PRO 10TB/12TB Seagate Skylawk Survei lance 1T8/2TB (5900RPM) 999/949 229 /399 429 /578 999 82 /92 949 65 / 89 a9 1499 Seagate Skylawk Surveilance 4TB 144 99/ 105 Seagate SkyHawk Survei lance 6TB Seagate SkylHawk Survei lance 8TR AL 12GB RX 6700 XT MSI MECH 2X/ MECH 2XOC / GAMING 1299 /1399 Thermaltake USB3.0 450w PSU Versa H15 95 2GB RX 6700 XT AS ROCK CLP 12GO Challenger Pro 12GB RX 6700 XT GIGABYTE Gaming OC/ AORUS ELITE /EAGLE 1349 329 Thermaltake USB3.0 S00w PSU Versa-H21/ H22 105 /105 1399/1499/1399 3.5 NAS Hard bak Drive PRICE Thermalta ke V100 with 500w PSU 104 16GB RX 6800 XT ASROCK TAICHIX/ Phantom Gaming DOC 2099 WD Red PLUS NAS SATA3 2TB/ 3TB/4TB 98/123/149 Thermaltake USB3.0 with 600W (80+) Versa N25/ N26 145 /145 Rotanium 2.5" to 3.5" SSD/HDD Mounting Bracket Metal Rotanium Dual "25 to 3.5" SSD/HDD Mounting Bracket Metal WD Red PLUS NAS SATA3 6 TB/ 8TB/ 10TB Seagate IronWalf NAS 2TB/3TB/4TB Seagate IranWal NAS 6TB/ STB/10T B/ 12TB / 18T8 Selected Quality Case Without Power Supply Ratanium Magic Series Magic-201 / Magic-202 (4 "LED rainbow Fan) 4. 245/349/435 PRICE 109/148/158 59/59 248/328/479/529/889 Ratanium (LED Panel) Tempe red Glass EATX Gaming Case Ratanium TG 102 RGB / TG302 RGB ARMAGGEDDON RUBY B-V Pink Coated Kingston (SNA-BR2/35| 2.5 to 3.5" SSD/HDD Metalic SSD Bracket Adapter 59 Power Supply Unit PRICI Extemal Hard Omve PRICE 62/92 **INTRY LEVEL ブン PRICE Samsung T7 Touch S0OGB Portable SSD Alcatrar Magnum Pro 225 Rotanium EVO-6a5/ EVO-775 Rotanium 80% Efficiency 450W / 5SOW/ 650W Seagate 2.5"EXOS 2 TB WD 2.5' Ele ments SE portable 1TB /2TB / 4TB 19 189 ARMAGGEDDON Nimitz N9 Tempered Glass RGB Strip black ARMAGGEDDON TRON VII Tempered Glass RGB black/ white ARMAGGEDDON KAGAMI K-1 RGB Strip Black / White 69/ 85 /135 25 / 29 39/ 49 / 59 PRICE 82 /89 62 /62 "2.5 to 5.25" SSD/ HHD Mounting Bracket PRICE Nvidia Chipsel GPU Seies Rotanium TG303 RGB / TG304 RGB / TG305 RGB 92/92 /92 ARMAGGEDDON KAGAMI K-2 Black / White 62 / 59 2GB GT710 DDR3 Inno3D GB GT730 DDR3 MSI / DDRS GIGABYTE /DDRS ASUS GB GT 1030 Asus (Law Profile) / Asus Pheanix / In no3D 2GB GT 1030 Gigabyte (Low Profile) /Gigabyte 00 GB GTX 1650 Asus Nvidia (PHGTX 1650-4G D6-P) GB GTX 1650 GIGABYTE OC / Giga byte Low Profile OC ARMAGGEDDON KAGAMI K-S Black ARMAGGEDDON TESSARAXX Care 1(Black) ARMAGGEDDON TESSARAXX Core 3 Black ARMAGGEDDON TESSARAXX Core V Blak / WHITE ARMAGGEDDON TESSARAXX Core 11 Black ARMAGGEDDON AIRSTREAM R140 (E-ATX] a9 Rotanium TG306 RGB/ TG307 RGB 92 /92 62 115/115/125 139/149/135 ARMAGGEDDON Ae ro i Black/ Aero VII Black 82 /89 55/55 55/55 ARMAGGEDDON Nimitz N5 Aurora RGB Black/ White ARMAGGEDDON Vukan V1x Black/WHITE ARMAGGEDDON Nimitz N7 RGB Black / T5X Pro il (White ARMAGGEDDON Nimitz TRSO00 / T RA000 Black / White" ARMAGGEDDON TRON II Tempered Glass RGB 72 139 72/72 519 62 /69 99/129/129 129 519 129 4GB GTX 1650 MSI Nvidia VENTUS XS 4G OC 519 ARMAGGEDDON TESSARAXX Apex 7 Black RGB Strip 6GB GTX 1660 ASUS Nvidia GTX Phoenix ARMAGGEDDON TESSARAXX Anex a Black 729 Coolermaster TM420 49 Gamdias (80% efficiency) HELIOS (E1-500) / HELIOS (E 1-600) Gamdias (80% efficiency) Kratos RGB E1-50aw / E1-600W EGB GTX 1660 GIGABYTE Nvidia OC 729 29/6 Thermaltake Versa 123 / 124/125 108/99/109 Thermaltake CORE V21 (Micro-ATX) Thermaltake Level 20 MT ARGB SGB GTX 1660 TI ARMOR MSI Nvidia Geforce OC PCHE 849 55 /69 99 Thermaltake 500W OEM Thermaltake Lite Power Gen2 450 /550 /650/750W Thermaltake Lite Power RGB 550/ 650W EGB RTX 2060 ASUS Dual OC / Dual EVO / ROG STRIX EVO V2 949 52 119 59/62/72/85 65 / 75 PRICE 6GB RTX 2060 MSI Ventus GP OC 929 Thermaltake TGS100 Black / H100 BLACK 88 /89 O PLUS BRONZE SERIES PRICE Thermaltake TG RGB H200 Black / H200 Snow 115/119 PLUS SERIES 80 Plus Bronze Antec NES5OC 20 Plus Brone Gieabyte GP-P6508 80 Plus Coolermaster MWE White 450/550/650/750W a0 Plus Thermaltake Smart RGB White 500/600/ 700 79 Thermaltake Tempered Glass ARGB V250 119 80 Plus Thermaltake TR2S45S0/550/650W a0 Plus Antec VP700P Plus 79 63/ 69 / 79 MSI MAG VAMPIRIC 100R RGB ATX Case 79 MSI MAG FORGE 100R RGB ATXCase 59/69/79/8s 75/85 /95 95 ARMAGGEDDON AIRSTREAM R200/ S140 E-ATX) Thermaltake Versa Window Edition H18/ H17 Thermaltake USB3.0 Versa H24 / Versa H25 149 /169 59 / 59 65 /65 77/78 MSI MPG (GUNGNIR 110R) RGB Tempered ATX Case 169 GeFone RTX 30G0/30ITI PRICE VSK 10 Solid micro-ATX Window micro-ATX/ DP31 (ARGB) 59/69/59 12GB RTX 3060 ASUS DUAL OC/LHR DUAL OC / PHOENIX LHR 75/79/89 79 /89 105/119 Antec DRACO 10 (ARGB)/ Dark Phantom DP301M / DPS01 (ARGB) 12GB RTX 3060 ASUS TUF GAMING OC/LHRTUF OC Thermaltake Versa 121 /122 Antec NX400(ARGB) Tempered Glass / NX410 RGL RTX 3060 ASUS ROG STRIX GAMING OC V2/ ROG STRIX GAMING Antec DF600 FLUX 3'ARGB fan/ DEZ00 FLUX DP502 FLUX w/3'ARGR fan 1349 Thermaltake H330/ H350 74/87 2GB RTX 3060 Gigabyte Vision OC/ AORUS ELITE Coolermaster MWE V2 550w /650w/ 750w 80 Plus Branze Thermaltake Smart BX1 550/650/750w a0 Plus Branze Thermaltake Smart BX1 RGB 550/650/750W 1299 a0 Plus 79/ 85 /99 115 12GB RTX 3060 MSI GAMING X /VENTUS 2X/ VENTUS 3X 1349 /1299 78/ 89 / 109 cNX800 (ARGB) E-ATX 129 12GB RTX 3060 GALAX 1-Cick OC 85/99/125 ASUS TUF GT301 w/3 ARGB (Black 129 BGB RTX 3060 TI INNO3D LHR TWIN X2 1299 80Plus Brante Thermaltake Smart BM2 750w 129 JS TUF GT501 w/3"ARGB White/ Black 249 /249 499 /499 a0 Plus Brante Corsair CV550 / CV650 80 Plus a0 Plus Brante Corsair Fully-Madular CX7 50F RGB GB RTX 3050 TIINNO3D TWIN 2X LIHR / Twin X2 OC LHR 1299 /1299 75 /89 S ROG Strix Helios GX601 Black */ White aGB RTX 3060 TI ASUS ROG STRIX OC / ROG STRIX OC-GAMING-V2 Corsair Semi-Modular CX550/650/750W 89/109/129 Corsair Carbide Mid Tower 10OR 8GB RTX 3060 TI Gigabyte EAGLE LHR /EAGLE OC 2.0 1299 /1299 139 Cosair Carbide 175R RGB BLACK TG 89 ***30 PLUS GOLD SERIES* PRICE SGB RTX 3060TI MSI GAMING X LHR / VENTUS 2X OC LHR BGB RTX 3060 TI MSI AERO ITX 8G OC LHR 1399 /1299 Corsair Carbide Mid Tower 275R Black Windowed 109 a0 Plus Gold Gamdias (ARGB) Kratos P1650w 80 Plus Gold Antec EarthWatts Pro EAG5OG/EA750G a0 Plus Gold Antec NEO ECO ZEN 600W/700W B0 Plus Gold Thermaltake Smart 600W 1299 109 Consair Carbide Series SPEC-DELTA Black 109 Gerore RIX 3 TT BGB RTX 3070 MSI VENTUS 2X OC VENTUS 3x OC/ VENTUS 3XOC LHR PRICI 149 / 162 ursair Carbide Mid Tower 275Q Black 129 115 /135 Corsair CUE RGB 220T BLACK / WHITE 139 /139 1799 8GB RTX 3070MSI GAMING Z TRIO LHR GB RTX 3070 Gigabyte GAMING OC V2 LHR GB RTX 3070 GIGABYTE AORUS MAST ER V2 LHR 1899 85 Corsair Airflow TG 4000D BLACCK / WHITE 129 /129 229/229/269 329 /329 Corsair Airflow TG S000D BLACK / WHITE/ TG S000X WHITE a0 Plus Gold Thermaltake Tough power GX1 600/700W 80 Plus Gold Thermaltake Toushpower GX1 RGB 600W /700w a0 Plus Gold Thermaltake Tough power 550/650/750W 80 Plus Gold Thermaltake Tough power Grand RGB 750W/ 85OW a0 Plus Gold Thermaltake Tough power GF1650/750/850W 80 Plus Gold Thermaltake Toushpower 1000W / 1200W a0 Plus Gold Coolermaster MWE Gold Fully Modular 650W / 750w v2 1899 109 /129 119 /132 1999 Carsair Crystal 680X RGB BLACK/ WHITE 129/139/149 189 / 209 149/169/195 BGB RTX 3070 TIGIGABYTE EAGLE / EAGLE OG 1899 Corsair 280X BLACK / 280X WHITE 169 AGB RTX 307OTIGIGARYTE GAMING OC GB RTX 3070 TIMSI VENTUS 3X OC 1999 Gamdias ARGB Argus (E1)/ TG Talos (E1I 49 /79 1899 Gamdias Argues E4 Elite black /white 69 / 69 69/99/99 GeFoRe RTK 3N/3IMIT PRICI 275 /319 Gamdias Talos (E2) With 3 ARGB Fan / Talos (E2Elite)/Talos (M1]ELITE LED Strip PRICE 10GB RTX 3080 MSI GAMING Z TRIO LHR 2799 139 149 B0 Plus Gold Coolermaster MWE Gold Non-Modular a5aw a0 Plus Gold Coolermaster MWE Gold Fully Madular 1050W 80Plus Gold Corsair RM650 / RM750 /RMASO 80 Plus Gold Corsair RM65OXV2 80 Plus Gold Corsair RM750X-2018 black / White a0 Plus Gold Corsair RM850XV2 White / RM850 V2 (CP-9020235-AU) 10GB RTX 3080 MSI VENTUS 3X/ VENTUS3XPLUS 2599 DeenCool Magnetic RGB Color With Remote Control (2 Pack)(300mm) 19 1OGB RTX 3080 GIGABYTE Gaming OC/AORUS AM/ AORUS AX 10GB RTX 3080 GIGABYTE AORUS XTREME V2 LHR 899/2899 269 Case Fan 2699 149/15 Armaggeddon Silent-12- Black 12cm MOLEX Case Fan ****B0 PLUS PLATINUM SERIES PRICE 155 Armaggeddon Silent-14 Black 14cm MOLEX Case Fan a0+ Platinum Thermaltake Toughpower Ring Duo PF1 ARGB 750w 225 169 /179 Corsair iCue OL140 RGB White 2x140mm PWM Dual Pack Fan 30+ Platimum Thermaltake Toughpower Riing Duo PF1 ARGB 850w a0+ Platinum Thermaltake Toughpower Riing Duo PF1 ARGB 1050w 30+ Platinum Thermaltake Toughpower Riing Duo PF1 ARGB 1200w 12GB RTX 3080 TI ASUS TUF Gaming OC /TUF GAMING 259 199 / 199 Rotanium Molex black case fan NC-008 (80mm) /NC-012(120mm) 3/6 389 80Plus Gold Corsair RM1000X 269 Rotanium PWM black case fan NC-4P12 (120mm) a0 Plus Gold MSI MPGAG5OGF B0 Plus Gold MSI MPG A750F/ A8SOF aO Plus Gold ASUS ROG Strix 10000W 429 139 Deepcaal Hydro Bearing molex Case Fan XF80 (80mm) Coalermaster Sickle Flow NON-LED 2899 159/179 12 12GB RTX 3080 TI Galax SG A26S Black 2999 Antec F-LUX Platform Reverse Fan 120mm 18 12GB RTX 3080 TI Gigabyte GAMING OC / VISION OC FAGLE 2799/2899/2699 Gamdias TG ARGB Mid Tower ATHENA E1 Elite 69 Nactua Redux Edition Case Fan NF-R8 (80mm) 25 12GB RTX 3080 TI MSI GAMINGX TRIO 2899 Gamdias TG ARGB Mid Tower ATHENA M1ELITE Nactua Redux Edition PWM Case Fan NF-12B (120mm) 12GB RTX 3080 TI MSI VENTUS 3X/ VENTUS 3XOC 2799 /2799 Gamdias TG ARGB Mid Tower ATHENA M2 ELITE Thermaltake Riing 14 GREEN 140mm LED 2GB RTX 3080 TI MSI SUPRIM X 2999 Thermalta ke Riing 14 RED 140mm LED Gamdias TG ARGB Mid Tower Argus E2 Elite Gamdias Argus (E3} With ARGB Strip/ Argues E4 a0+ Platinum Corsair HX750 80+ Platinum CORSA IR Hx1000 69 Gelorce RTK 309 PRIC LED Fan 69 / 49 PRICE 24GB RTX 3090 ASUS TUF GAMING OC 3799 219 Ritmo Color Bearing System Case Fan 80mm * PC Accessories ALOGIC 3 Pin Wall to IEC C13- Male to Female (MF-3PC13-03) 3m Rotanium 1 to 4 Port PWM 30cm Splitter Cable (PWN30) 4 6/6/6/7 7/7/7/10 6/6/6/7 7/7/7/10 PRICE 349 Rotanium PowerSmart MOLEXSINGLE LED BLUE/ GREEN/ RED/Rainbow (120mm) gO PLUS Ttanium SERTES* PSU Cable Sleeved Extension 9 PRICE Ratanium PowerSmart PWM SINGLE LED BLUE/GREEN/ RED/Rainbow (120mm) 4 PRICE Rotanium MOLEX DUAL RING Blue/Gree n Red/ Rainbow (140mm Rit mo SA0011(Molex Male to SATA Female) Pawer Cable Cable list Sleeved Extension Cable Pack for PSU Black / Grey 35/35 Rotarium PWM DUALRING LED BLUE/GREEN/ RED/Rainbow (140mm) Rit mo (SA-O02)(Molex Power Male to 2XSATA Female] Power Splitter Cable ARMAGGEDDON Azure Blade Blue LED/ Scarlet Blade Red LED (120mm} Dee pcaal Deepcaal High Brightness Case Fan RF120 FS Rainbow 120mm Thermaltake tMad Sleeved PSU Extension Cable Se 59 Home / Business/ Gaming Monitors 1 MEanitor 6/6 9/9 12 RICE CPU Cooler ness Case Fan R 20 Blue/ RED (120 Air Cookr Ratanium Blue Lighting Universal CPU Cooler 90mm (CC0901) Rotanium RGB Lighting Universal CPU Cooler 120mm (CC120RO1} PRICE PRIC 225" Mamitor Coalermaster Masterfan Lite MF120L Red Coalermaster Sickle Flow White/ Red / Blue (120mm) PRICE 12 23.6" 4ms FHD Philips 243V5QHABA 12/ 12 /12 19/ 19/19 19/ 19 /19 17/ 19 /19 189 15 23.6 Sms 75Hz FHD ASUS VP247HAE 229 DEEPCOOL Alta 9 intel Socket cooling Thermaltake Pure A12 LED Green/ Red/ Blue(120mm) DEE PCOOL GAMMA ARCHER (DP-MCAL-GA DEEPCOOL GAMMAXX 200T GAMMAXX 300 Armaggeddan RGB R4 Unive rsal CPU Cooler Arctic Storm 2/3 12 23 /28 Thermaltake Pure A14 LED Green/ Red/ Blue(120mm Thermaltake Riing LED Green/ Red LED/ Blue(120mml Thermaltake Riing LED Blue(140mm) 23 8 ams 75H2 FHD AOC 24B2XH 195 23 g' Ams 75H: FHD Philigs 241V8L 199 23.6 1ms 75He FHD Curved MSI OPTIX G241VC 225 29/35 23.8' 1ms 751HZ FHD MSI G241V E2 Antec Intel/ AMD Universal CPU Air Cooler A30 28 PRICE 23.8 1 ms 144t FHD Curved MSI OPTIXG24C6P 24" 1ms FHD144Ht AOC G2490VX (Adaptive Sync) 329 Antec Intel/AMD Universal CPU Air Cooler A40 PRO/ C40 32/3 Ratanium Multi-colorful ARGB Case Fan (120mm) 1pc /3pc with contrler 9/29 11 Coalermaster Universal Hyper H4 10R RGB Caolermaster Universal Hyper-212X / Hyper-212 BLACK RGB 239 39 2-2" Manitor Ratanium O121-A ARGB Case Fan(120mm) Ratanium (O123-3) 3-Pack Triple Ring 120mm ARGB Case Fan W/Contraller PRICE 59/69 39 27" ams 75H2 FHD AOC 2782H 235 Coolermaster Universal MasterAir (MA6 10P RGB) 65 Dee peaal RF120 High Brightness RGB LED Fans 3-pack(120mm) ARMAGGEDDON TESSARAXX 120mm ARGB TXCore / Dual Loop/ QUAD RING 49 27 4ms FHD Acer K272HLE-SPK 249 Thermaltake ARGB Air Cooler UX100/ UX200 Thermaltake Universal CPU Cooler TOUGHAIR 110 /310 /510 29/64 65/ 65 / 79 9/12/12 27 Ims (272E 1GAJ) 1920x1080 144Hz Philips HDMI DP SPK FreeSync Gaming Monitor 255/289 Coolermaster Masterfan HALO MF120 ARGB 3 in 1 27 4ms FHD 75SH2 Philips 272VSA 255 Thermaltake Rüng Silent 12 RGB Sync Edition CPU Cooler Coalermaster Masterfan MF120 Prismatic ARGB 3 PACK Fans 27" 4ms FHD 7SH2 Philips 27251AE 27 1ms FHD 144Hz AOC 27G2 7 Sme JPS FHD FreeSync SAMSUNG LS27R35OFHEXX Gamdias BOREAS E1-410 LITE rainbow CPU Cooler (120mm) Gamdias BOREAS M1-610 ARGB CPU Cooler (120mm) 299 49 Coolermaster Sickle Flow 120mm ARGB 3 PACK Fans 55 349 69 Gamdias AEOLUS M2-1201 RGB Gaming Case Fan (120mm) 19 249 Gamdias CHIONE(E2-120R) ARGB CPU Cooler with Controller (120mm) mdas AEOLUS M2- 1203 UTE ARGaCase Fan (3Pack) (120m 45 27 Sms IPS 2K 60H2 AOC Q27P1 339 Nactua NH-U9s Universal CPU Cooler Gamdas AEOLLS M2-1204R RGB Case Fanw/Remote Controller Box (4 Pack) (120mm 65 27 Sms IPS 1920x108075Hz FreeSync LG 27MP400-B 249 Nactua NH-U125 Universa CPU Cooler Gamdas AEOLUS M2-120SR ARGBCase Fan w Romose Conardler Box (5 Pack) (120mem) 27 Ims IPS 2560xd440 165H2 Free Syne LG 27GP83B-B 27 Ims IPS FHD 240Hz ACER Nitro VG272X G-SYNC Compatible 679 Nactua NH-U145/ NH-D15 Unive rsal CPU Cooler 135/159 PRICE Thermaltake Pure DUO 12 ARGB WHITE/ BLACK (2 Fan Pack) 64/64 549 Water Cooler Thermaltake Pure 12 ARGB (3 Pack) (120mm) 67 27" Ims IPS FHD 144H2 AOC G2790VX 265 CaolerMaster MasterLiquid V2 ML120L RGB 79 Thermaltake RGB Ring (3 Pack) (120mm) 69 99 CoolerMaster MasterLiquid V2 ML240L RGB CoolerMaster MasterLiquid ML24OR ARGB Gamdias CHIONE M2-240R Addressa ble ARGB With Controller Thermaltake Pure DUO 14RGB BLACK WHITE (2 FAN PACK) Thermaltake PURE 14 ARGB (3 Packi(140mm) 27" Ims Curved IPS FreeSync 2560x1440 165H2 Gigabyte G270C 65 /65 27" Ims (OPTX MAG274R211920x1080 165H2 MSI DP HDMI USB-C PIVOT G-Svnc 27" Ims Freesync FHD 144H2 MSI OPTIX MAG2 74R 27 Ims FreeSyne WQHD 165HZ MSI OPTIX G2730F 125 77 Thermaltake Pure Plus 12 RGB (3 Pack) (120mm) Thermaltake Riing 12 RGB (3 Pack) (120mm) Antec (Prizm 120 ARGB 3+2+C)3* RGB FAN, 2 LED Strin. 1 Controller 489 Gamdias CHIONE P2-360R Addressable ARGB With Controller 159 "Ims Freesyne WQHD 144H2 Curved AOC CQ27G2 a. Sms IPS FHD 240Ht AOC AG273FZE 27" Ims IPS G-Sync 2560x1400 170HZ AOC AGON AG2730XP Antec K120 RGB liquid cooler Antec Neptune 240 ARGB all in one coaler 409 135 Corsair LL120 RGB Single / 3 Pack (with Lighting Node PRO) 39/ 139 Corsair H10C0X Corsair H100i RGB Pro XT/ H150IRGB Pro XT arsair LL120 RGB 3 pack white / LL140 pro white duo pack Softwarn 599 129 129 /105 t Manter 169 / 229 219 /239 119/159/169 225 PRICE PRICE 31.5 Sms Curved 165H2 FHD ACER ED320QRP / Philips IPS 325 E8 (2K) 399 Carsair H100i ELITE CAPELLIX AIO black / white *OLM Saltwares must be purchased with System Package PRICE MSI ARGB AKO MAG CORELIQUID 240R/280R/ 360R NZXT Kraken X63 RGB (RL-KRX63-R1280mm Thermaltake ARGB Sync All-In-One TH1 20 137 / 185 315 4ms 4K Curved HDMIX2 DP SPK Adapt ive Sync LED Backlight Philips 328E 1CA 31.5" 4ms 2K 75HZ Philips 325B1L 315' Ims FHD 165H2 Curved PHILIPS 322MACZ 34" 4me 3440x1440 7SH2 Philins 345E2AE 549 *OEM 64 bit MS Windows 10 Home / Professional Retail 32/64 bit MS Windows 10 Home USB Flash Drive (KW9-00478) Retail 32 64 hit MS Windgws 10 Home / Professional 499 159 399 107 159 / 258 Office 2019 / Office 365 139/159 179/ 189 559 Thermaltake ARGB Sync All-In-One TH240 / TH240 SNOW Thermaltake ARGB Sync All-In-One TH360 /TH360 SNOW PRICE 43" 4ms 3840x26 10 60H2 PHILIPS 438P1 699 Microsoft Office 365 personal/ Family 85 Mount / Bracket (For TV / Monitor/ Notcbook) PRICE Thermaltake Water 3.0 ARGB Sync All-In-One 240/ 360 159 /179 Micrasoft Office 2019 Home and Student 154 Brateck (LDT30-C0 12) Single Monitor Arm Articulating Aluminum Case Fan Accessories Micresoft Otfice 2019 Home and Business 239 的 PRICI Antivirus / Internet Security Licens Key Deepeoal FH-04 4 Ports FAN HUB Controller Deepcoal FH-10 10 Ports FAN HUB Controller Armaggeddan TESSARAXX (TX COMMAND-8. ZR] ARGB FAN Controller Ratanium RGB Fan Addressable Contraller Ol-A Brateck (LDT30-C024) Dual Monitor Arm Articulating Aluminum Brateck (LDT-22T01/LDS-22T011 Single Screen Pneumatic Vertical Lift Monitor Stand 17-32 69 PRICE 69 Trend Micro 2017 OEM without CD Internet Security (3 Users 1 Year) Brateck (LDS-22 TO2) Dual Screen Pne umatic Vertical Lift Monitor Stand 17-27 Brateck (LDT33-C012 JArticulating STEEL Single Monitor Arm Brateck (LDT33-CO24) Articulating STEEL Dual Monitor Arm Kaspersky Total Security OEM(1 Device 1 Year) Trend Micra Maximum Security OEMMulti Device(2 Users 1 Year 89 15 55 11 69 Thermal Compound (For CPUNGA/Chipsct) Narton 360 Standard OEM (1 Device, 1 Year License) PRICI 5/7 DeepCool 23 / Z5 Ratanium CPO85G2 (2gV CPOSSG4 (4g) Rotanium CP128G2 (2g/ CP128G4 (4g1 Brateck (LDT12-C024N] STEELDual Monitor Arm 59 Narton 360Standard OEM (3 Device, 1 Year License) 27 Brateck (LD TO9-C0 12N]Interactive Counterbalance Monitor Mount Vision Maunt (VM-SLO4I VESA Bracket 59 Bluctooth Dongle / Device 3/5 4/6 14 Rotanium Bluetooth v4.0 v01 TP-LINK Bluetooth v4.0 TL-UB400 Rotanium Blue tooth v5.0 v501 Vsion Maunt (VM-SLO4B) VESA Bracket 17 Caalermaster HTK U1/ IK-Essential E2 Coolermaster MasterGel/ MasterGel Pro. Regular 1.5ml Noctua Pro-Grade NT-H1 Thermaltake Thermal Grease TG-4/ TG- Thermaltake Thermal Grease TG-50 (4g 5/8 5/9 17 Vsion Maunt (VM-FE 111D] Desk Clamp Single 12 Vsion Mount (VM-FE 1200) Desk Clamp Dual Vertical Vsion Maunt (VM-MP320S/MP320S-EX) VESA Dual Mounting Stand Support up to 27 Vsion Maunt (VM-GMI 12XD)Gas Spring Aluminium Single Arm Support Up to 34 Vision Maunt (VM-GM134D) Gas Spring Aluminium Desktop Clamp3 Arm Support Vision Maunt (VM-GM124XD)Gas Spring Aluminium Dual Arm Support Upto 34 55 Simplecom Bluetooth v5.O NB409 Flash Memory USH Plash Duve 89 9/12 PRICE PRICE 9/ 13 /21 96 USB3.0 San Disk Ultra CZ48 32GB/64GB/128GB USB3.0 San Disk Ultra Flair 32GB/64GB/128GB 3.1 San Disk Ultra Fit 32GB/64GB/128GB 33.2 KINGSTON DTX32GB/64GB/128GB Arctic Silver Thermal Compound 3.5/12 eram 13 / 29 6/8/ 12 PRICI 146 ShinEtsu 7921 X-23-7921-5 Nano Dia mond-Like Particle Paste 3/5Sg/ 10g 10/ 13 /24 9/ 14 /23 8/ 12 /24 KVM Switch / Video Switch, Splitter, Extender AFPLE AUpro PRICE Unitek (V1110A) "4K HDMI 14b 5 in 1 Out 25 APPLE EarPods with 3.5mmHeadphone Plug Unitek (V1127A] "4K' HDMI14Switch 2 to 1 Bi-Directional 12 APPLE AiPods with Charang Case Miem SDHC/ SDXC Flash Canls PRICE 9/ 15 26 / 59 Simplecom (CM324| 4 HDMI Input to 1 HDMI Output 29 APPLE Airtods ro MicraSDHC/SDXC Class 10 Kingston Canvas Select 32GB / 64GB MicroSDHC/SDXC Class 10 Kingston Canvas Select 128GB/256GB MicraSDHC/SDXC Class 10 San Disk Extre me 64GB MicraSDXC UIS-I San Disk ULTRA 32GB / 64GB/128GB / 256GB USB Web Camera PRICE APPLE Aitod Ma - Space Gray 899 Rotanium (FHD01]1920x1080P 30fps Full HD USB Web Camera Logitech HD Webcam C270 29 AirPods Max - Silver a99 19 69 PRICE 8/12/24/45 APPLEPadAIRWI-A 256G8-Space Grey 102inch (MONIA) Lagitech Webcam C925e Microsoft Lifecam HD-3000 / Cinema Microsoft Lifecam Studio (Q2F-00017) DVD Rewriter Intemal DaaLEyer DVD Rewiter/ Bue-Ray 145 PRICE APPLE PadAIRWI-A 64GB - Space Grey 09 inch (MEMZ/A) PadARWA GAGB- SLVER 109inch (MYFNZ/A) 40 /65 899 PRICE 89 SATA DVD RW Asus(OEM) 29 APPLE IPadAIRWI-A SEG8-SLVER 0.9inch (MYF WX/A) 1129 Eternal Dual Layer DVD Rewiler PRICE APPLEPadARWI-A 5EG8- Space Grey 109-inch (MYFT2A) 1129 External USB30 DVD RW Rotanium (DVD01) Slim 35 APPLE Pad Pro Wi-Fi 256GB- Space Grey 12.9-inch (MHNH3X/A) Sth Gene ration APPLE iPad Pro Wi-Fi 256GB- Silver 12.9-inch (MHNJ3XA) APPLE Pad Pro Wi-Fi 256GB- Silver 12.9-inch (MHNL3XAJ Sth Generation APPLE iPad Pro Wi-Fi S12GB- Space Grey 12.9-inch (MHNK3X/A) 1799 External USB2.0 DVD RW ASUS (o8D 25) External USB2.0 DVD RW LG (GP6ONBSO) 1799 Extemal Blu-Ray PRICE 2099 External Blu-Ray Combo Asus SBC-06D2X-U 129 MACBOOK PRICI APPLE 13-inch Macilook Air M1chip - 256GB - Space Grey (MGN63XJA) APPLE 13-inch MacBook Pro M1 chin -256GB-Space Grey (MY D8 2X/AI 1499 1899

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