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HOT NEW RELEASES! + NEW RELEASE MOVIES! DOLP OF SIDEWAYS AND THE DESCENDANTS Holdovers Discomfort And Joy IRON CLAW NY SYDNEY SWEENEY M Mature themes and coarse language OUT 3/45 $19.98 G Trolis Band Together Very Mild fantasy themes and animated violence $19.98 THE IRON WRITTEN AND BIR MA 15+ and suicide RESTRICTED Strong themes scenes OUT 10/4! $19.98 GLEN POWELL COLLECTOR'S EDITION PRESENTS ANYONE BUT YOU MIGRATION FROM THE DIRECTOR OF EASY A AND FRIENDS WITH BENEFITS MA 15+ Strong coarse language RESTRICTED OUT 3/4! $19.98 ALL-NEW 3MINI MOVIES Very mild themes. some scenes may scare very young children OUT 3/4 $19.98 SOFIA COPPOLA "FLIPS THE COIN ON THE ICONIC STORY OF ELVIS AND PRISCILLA ON **** **** 0000 0000 0000 TIMOTHEE Priscilla ADAM DRIVER A MICHAEL MANN FILM PENÉLOPE CRUZ SHAILENE WOODLEY FERRARI TROY KENNEDY MARTIN MICHAEL MANN M CAILEE SPAEN Mate themes drug use and coarse language $19.98 PG Wonka Mild themes and violence, some scenes mey scare young children $19.98 "THE BEST CAR I MA 15+ Strong injury RESTRICTED detail $19.98 SANDRA HÜLLER SWANNAFLAUD MILO MACHADO GRANER "ELI ROTH AT HIS BEST." HENRY CANELA NOOM GOLDING MELCHIOR JEAN-LOUIS RAPACE NEILL DC AQUAMAN AND THE LOST KINGDOM Fantasy violence $19.98 PET SEMATARY BLOODLINES JASON STATHAM THE BEEKFFDED EXPOSE THE CORRU MA 15+ Strong action RESTRICTED violence and coarse language $19.98 AARON ECKHART (THE DARK KNIGHT). NINA DOBREV IXXX RETURN OF XANDER CAGE) PALME DOR "A BREATHTAKING MASTERPIECE ANATOMY MA 15+ Strong themes, suicide references and violence EOUT THANKSGIVING FALL AMBY JU 3/4 $19.98 High impact R 18+ horror violence, RESTRICTED blood and gore Happy Than $19.98 NEW RELEASE TV UNFORGETTABLE THE CON Mature themes Violence Drug references Coarse language OUT 3/45 $119 SHAUN EVANS ROGER ALLAM LL INSPECTOR MORSE M Adut themes OUT 3/45 $99 SPECIAL EDITION CURTIS MOORE KILL OR BE KILLED ASSASSIN CL MA 15+ Strong themes RESTRICTED M and violence $21.98 SEASON 1 WEDNESDAY FROM THE TIM Coarse language mature themes. violence, fantasy themes $34.98 SPECIAL EDITION the Prisoner THE COMPLETE SERIES EDITION Strong themes, MA 15+ drug use and RESTRICTED Violence $21.98 THE SEVENTH AND FINAL SEASON RIVERDALE MA 15+ Strong blood RESTRICTED and gore OUT 10/45 $29.98 THE WHITE PRINCESS A STARZ ORIGINAL LIMITED SERIES BRICKLAYER SOME SECRETS ARE DEADLY MA 15+ Strong violence RESTRICTED and injury detail $21.98 MAGNUM P.I. M Mature themes and action violence SEASON FIVE $49.98 FANTASY ISLAND THE COMPLETE SERIES 2 OUT 3/45 THE PERSUADERS! THE SPANISH PRINCESS THE COMPLETE SERIES THE COMPLETE SERIES ENDEAVOUR COLLEC Wilde Ascot 89,500.8 win OILC P M Maturethenes and violence $84.98 Md violence, drug PG references and $89.98 McC PG $59.98 MA 15 Meme violence, Adult $49.98 M Ratings Classifications: suitable for all ages. G8+ suitable for persons 8 years and over. suitable for persons 15 years and over. I restricted to persons 15 years and over. E exempt from classification. PG parental guidance. Restricted to adults 18 years and over. OUT 3/4! ESCAPE DEALITY Meturethanes scene and drug references $59.98

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