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Versatile Rooster Mats NEW Protect your floors! - set of 3 in handy sizes A n appealing rooster design and outstanding durability make these mats an excellent choice for hightraffic areas around the home. Made from durable polypropylene with a slip-resistant backing, they’re also easy to clean and resistant to stains. The set includes a 45 x 150 cm and 45 x 120 cm rectangle mat, plus a 45 x 75 cm mat – perfect in front of the sink or stove. The stylish shades of grey will also complement any colour scheme. Rooster 3 Piece Mat Set RMS $39.95 Set of 3 Perfect in the kitchen Set of 3 So easy to fit Stylish Sofa Protector - no more pet hair, dirt or damage N Pet Sofa Protector SPROT Armchair …..… $39.95 2-Seater …..…..…. $49 3-Seater …..…..…. $59 ow you can snuggle up with your pet without the worry that shedding hair, dirty paws, sharp claws or damp fur will damage your furniture. This high-quality protector will also keep it safe from little spills of food and drink. Very smart in tough slate grey suedette, it’s easy to fit with elastic loops to hold it securely in place. 177 cm deep with 57 x 52 cm arms and a choice of 58, 114 or 166 cm wide it will protect the back, seats and armrests of an armchair or a two or three seater sofa. Note: limited stock on 2 Seater. Great protection for your furniture! CHOOSE FROM 3 SIZES! Measurements: • Armchair Cover -177D x 58W cm • 2-Seater Cover - 177D x 114W cm • 3-Seater Cover - 177D x 166W cm • Arms on each size - 57W x 52D cm Elastic loops hold covers securely in place 46 TO ORDER | PHONE 1300 303 303 | MAIL FORM ON PAGE 193 | ONLINE AT WWW.INNOVATIONS.COM.AU PLE03_p32-65 H&L Fri-final.indd 46 16/2/2024 12:36 pm

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