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6 The offers displayed in this catalogue are only available at selected stores within Victoria between the dates listed on the front page. Please check iga.com.au for offers for your nearest store. IGA BY PURCHASING THESE PRODUCTS YOU WILL HELP GIVE BACK IGA COMMUNITY CHEST TO YOUR LOCAL COMMUNITY fill the FRIDGE & FREEZER Four'N Twenty Party Pies 12 Pack $1.19 per 100g Devondale Spreadable Butter 500g Selected Varieties $1.32 per 100g -THE GREAT AUSTRALIAN TASTE- FOUR'N TWENTY PARTY PIES THE CLASSIC TASTE OF 100% AUSTRALIAN HEAT IN BELICIOUS GRAVY WRAPPED IN GOLDEN PASTRY 12 PIECES DON CRAFTEDENT STREAKY RINDLESS BACON $715 SAVE from $2.20 Don Bacon 180-200g Selected Varieties $670 ca SAVE from $1 500ge Spreadable Dairy DEVONDALE Soft Australian -Dary- ORIGINAL $660 SAVE from 90¢ Nanna's Family or Snack Fruit Pies 450-600g Selected Varieties made with love LAST FREE Nanna's APPLE SNACK PIES 450g de was REAL FRIT NO colas Va $3.50 SAVE from $2 Primo STACKERS MILD SALAMI CHEDDAR CHEESE & CRACKERS x4 INSIDE! LEVERTE 1020 ITALIANO Ricotta SMOOTH & CREAMY 250g € 193 Peters MALLON Primo Stackers 45-57g Selected Varieties $440 SAVE from 55¢ Perfect Italiano Original Ricotta 250g $16.60 per kg $415 ез ORIGINAL VANILLA Peters Maxibon 4 Pack Selected Varieties SAVE from $1.35 1 $1.47 per 100mL $825 SAVE from $3.30 Better BUYS You'll find 100s of Better BUYS, at better prices right across the store. Smooth hommus 5 PROTEIN tzatziki Smooth hommus tzatziki Chris' Homestyle Dip 200g Selected Varieties $1.88 per 100g Better BUYS 2$750 for How more fru Yoplait with 100% real strawberry No artificials Yoplait Yoghurt 1kg Selected Varieties 54¢ per 100g Better BUYS $535

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