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4 The offers displayed in this catalogue are only available at selected stores within Victoria between the dates listed on the front page. Please check iga.com.au for offers for your nearest store. IGA BY PURCHASING THESE PRODUCTS IGA COMMUNITY CHEST YOU WILL HELP GIVE BACK TO YOUR LOCAL COMMUNITY $345 SAVE from $3.50 Red Rock Deli Chips 150-165g Selected Varieties ED ROC DELI SWEET CHILLI & SOUR CREAM Deli Se Pett C NATURAL FRANCURSE 16549 Top up the SNACKS MADE 1/2 C PRICE JUST SAY... Tasty Cheese 175g FOR MORE FLAVOUR EXEESE IN THE YOUCAN'T $275 SAVE from $2.75 CC's Corn 10 Chips 110-175g Selected Varieties ARNOTT'S Mint Slice TimTam ARNOTT'S Tim Tam Original $440 Ва Arnott's Chocolate Biscuits 160-250g Selected Varieties SAVE from $1.10 Cadbury BAIRY MILK 已海 & CHEER & A HALF FOR THOSE WIG TAKE A SHOT 143 CHOCOLATE 160ge Maltesers m&ms Maltesers, M&M's, Pods or Skittles Pack 120-200g Selected Varieties $420 Ba SAVE from $1,85 PACK 4 25 Red Bull ENERG IN Conforming Tourvy Sav Red Bull Energy Drink 4x250mL Selected Varieties $8.25 per Litre 4 x 236 of 191 186 $825 SAVE from $4.95 Pascall wine gums THE NATURAL CONFECTIONERY CO. Snakes Cadbury Twirl Cadbury Medium Bars 30-60g Selected Varieties MULTI-BUY 2 $250 SAVE from $3 . The Natural Confectionery Co., Pascall or Sour Patch Kids Bags 150-300g Selected Varieties $3.85 端 SAVE from $1.65 I 375ALP BUNDABERG GINGER BEER Bundaberg Drinks 4x375mL Selected Varieties $4.63 per Litre $6.95 ea SAVE from $1.25 Better BUYS You'll find 100s of Better BUYS, at better prices right across the store. Uncle Tobys UNCLE TOBYS LeSnak TASTY CHEESE DIP AND CRACKERS COURCE OF CALCRIM MADE WITH REAL CHEESE POWERADE ISOTONIC EVERY PACK NO ARTIFICIAL COLOURS OR FLAVOURS & PACK 132 Better BUYS $520 Powerade 1 Litre Selected Varieties $3.80 per Litre Better BUYS $3.80 Le Snak 6 Pack Selected Varieties $3.94 per 100g

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