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thumbnail - IGA Catalogue - 3 Apr 2024 - 9 Apr 2024 - Sales products - cookies, Nestlé, Haribo, jelly candy, biscuit, Cadbury, chocolate candies, lollies, gummies, crisps, Harvest Snaps, energy drink, Lipton, ice tea, Gatorade, electrolyte drink. Page 3.
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The offers displayed in this catalogue are only available at selected stores within New South Wales between the dates listed on the front page. Please check iga.com.au for offers for your nearest store. Harvest Snaps Baked Pea Crisps 120g Selected Varieties $2.08 per 100g MEGA DEALS SALE $250 SAVE $2.50 Calbee NEW HARVEST SNAP BAKED PEA CRIS MEXICANA FLAV 100+3 1/2 PRICE HARVEST SNAPS BAKED PEA CRISPS ORIGINAL SALTED 100 MET THE G GATORADE BLUE BOLT ACTIVE NO SUGAR WANE OPE Gatorade or Gatorade G Active 600mL Selected Varieties $3.28 per Litre $197 SAVE $2.03 ARNOTT'S The Origins Scotch Finger ARNOTT SCOLCH Cadbury 12 Cadbury CHERRY Twirl RIPE BLUE ORIGINAL CHERRY UPE Twirl Arnott's Scotch Finger Biscuits 250g $1 per 100g $250 ea SAVE 80¢ Cadbury Sharepacks 144-180g Selected Varieties $4. ea SAVE $2 HARIBO Goldbears The alginal me happy warte of Hebel 150 ge $3 1 NEW NEGI Ο 1 100% ENERGY DRINK 500 ml QUARANA ENERGY DRINK V Energy Drink 500mL Selected Varieties $7 per Litre $350 ea HOT BUY Lipton COOKIE DAUGH 1 Lemon $420 $3.50 2 ea ea Haribo Lollies 140-150g SAVE $1 Selected Varieties Nestlé Chocolate Block 118-180g Selected Varieties SAVE $1.80 Lipton Ice Tea 1.5 Litre Selected Varieties $2.33 per Litre ea SAVE $2.50 1 from each product featuring an IGA Community Chest ticket sold by Metcash Trading Limited to participating stores between 13th March and 9th April 2024, will be donated by Metcash Trading Limited (ABN 61 000 031 569) through IGA Community Chest Trust (ABN 69 041 266 146, 1 Thomas Holt Drive, Macquarie Park NSW 2113, P: (02) 9741 3000; E: [email protected]) to community causes of the retailers' choice. Visit www.iga.com.au/communitychest for more information.

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