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thumbnail - Foodworks Catalogue - 3 Apr 2024 - 9 Apr 2024 - Sales products - Old El Paso, butternut squash, pumpkin, sweet corn, Campbell's, pasta sauce, soup, burrito, mayonnaise, Hellmann’s, crackers, Nabisco, Coca-Cola, ginger ale, lemonade, Schweppes, tonic, soft drink, Coca-Cola zero, soda, carbonated soft drink, tea bags, cappuccino, coffee, Nescafé, bowl. Page 6.
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GROCERY Schweppes SODA WATER GINGER ALE CLATRIC HILDE Schweppes фин TONIC WATER Schweppes LEMONADE 10 Schweppes Mixer or Mineral Drinks 1.1 Litre $1.36 per Litre $189 ea 1001 ESCAFE ESCAFE HAZELNUT NESCAFE DOUBLE SHOT CAPPUCCINO criti LATTE LATTE Nescafe Coffee Sachets 8-10 Pack 125-180g (Selected Varieties) $449 ea UP NEW OLDELPASO OLDEL PASO OLDEL PASO NEADTH 20MONS TH TACO Kit mili NACHOS Kit TOMATO BEAN SALLA mild UP UP GO GO UP UP GC UPS 6 GO GO FONLLR PACK Sanitarium Up and Go 6x250ml (Selected Varieties) $3.99 per Litre UP GC UPS 670 GO PACK $6.99 ea CAPTAIN'S TABLE GLARRIC CAPTAIN'S TABLE WATER CRACKERS CRACKED BLACK PERFER CAPTAIN'S TABLE WHICH CRACKER NOTCHART & THEME Nabisco Captain's Table Water Crackers 125g $0.88 per 100g $139 ea CHILLI & PAPRIKA BURRITO BOWLE HILD AAAAA Old El Paso Taco, Nachos or Burrito Bowl Kit 140-505g (Selected Varieties) $739 ea Coca-Cola CLASSIC Coca-Cola ZERO SUBAR 30 pack Campbells Campbells CHUN Compli Country CHUNKY HAI Ladle IRISH PE STEW STYLE -SOUF BUTTERNUT PUMPKIN Complet Country Ladle CHICKEN AND SWEET CORN 30 Coca-Cola Drinks 30x375ml $2.58 per Litre $28.99 ea Campbell's Country Ladle or Chunky Soup 495-505g (Selected Varieties) $269 ea HELLMANN'S LIGHT HELLMANN'S REAL DOLMIO MAYONNAISE CREAMY Hellmann's Mayonnaise 400-432g $5.99 ea EXTRA DOLM DOLMIO OLMIO EXTRA TAYLORE YORKSHIRE TEA PROPER STRONG Black Tee 100 YORKSHIRE Gold O Dolmio Pasta Sauce 490-500g (Selected Varieties) GARLIC EXTR $329 ea Taylors of Harrogate Yorkshire Gold or Strong Tea Bags 100 Pack 240-260g $6,99 ea

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