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FROZEN THE GREAT AUSTRALIAN TASTE FOUR'N TWENTY GATHER ROUND WITH THE GREAT AUSTRALIAN TASTE 25 4 PACK 760g ANGUS THE GREAT AUSTRALIAN TASTE- FOUR'N TWENTY ANGUS AUSSIE BEEF AUSTRALIAN ANGUS BEEF IN A RICH GRAVY WRAPPED IN GOLDEN FLAKY PASTRY $650 ea SAVE $2.50 UP TO Dr.Oetker Ristorante HAWAII Ristorante Family Pizza 310-390g $4.30 ea SAVE $1.70 UP TO by 30 AS SOM 3.5 HEALTH STAR RATING $840 ea Four 'N Twenty SAVE $3.60 Meat Pies 700g 4 Pack UP TO $630 SAVE $1.70 UP TO $1.20 per 100g WILD CAUGHT FROZEN AT SEA REAL SQUID $850 SAVE UP TO $4.00 Birds Eye Deli Chips 600g $7.17 per kg SERVING SUGGESTION AYS GO BIRDS Eve BIRDS EYE DELI SEASONED CHIPS Sea Salt & Rosemary DEL $300 ea 600 g SAVE $1.00 UP TO FOOD SINCE 1910 IJ EXPERTS SALT & PEPPER SQUID LIGHTLY CRUMBED I&J Calamari 360g $17.50 per kg $5 ea SAVE $1.50 UP TO McCain Tuna Mornay McCain Red Box Meals 375-400g A classic combination of fusilli pasta with flaked tuna & corn kernels, cooked in a creamy cheese sauce. 3 680kJ serving suggestion 400 g NET FOODLAND P14 2024 P25 Ingham's Chicken Kiev 350g $24.29 per kg $450 ea INGHAM'S SAVE $3.00 UP TO Nature made of INCREDIBLE stuff Always Good Made with 100% AUSSIE CHICKEN TWO PREMIUM CHICKEN BREAST KYIVS GARLIC BUTTER ALWAYS NO ADDED HORMONES ✓MADE WITH 100% AUSSIE CHICKEN ✓ GOOD SOURCE OF PROTEIN I PRESERVATIVES 343 Calories Super Wholegrain 350 g Wellness Bowl very high in whole grains Butter Chicken with Freekeh Ancient Grain Mix Traditional butter chicken topped with white chia seeds, served with an ancient grain mix of teff, freekeh pearl So barley & quinoa d with spinach. broccoli and orange & yellow carrot mix Birds Eye Country Harvest Vegetables 500g $6.00 per kg 500 ge $450 BIRDS EYE Snap Frozen CARROT, BROCCOLI & CAULIFLOWER SOURCE OF VITAMIN C TO SUPPORT IMMUNE SYSTEM FUNCTION SAVE $1.50 UP TO WADE CARROT, BROCCOLI MADE AUSTRALIAN Satay Chicken Succulent Australian chicken pieces marinated in a mild tasty peanut satay sauce, served with long. grain rice. 400 g SERVE GOOD SOURCE OF PROTEIN NO ARTIFICIAL COLOURS OR FLAVOURS Simply Natural Meals 350g or Wellness Bowls 350g $1.29 per 100g On the Menu Meals 400g $1.13 per 100g SUGGESTION 400 g IGA FOODLAND THE MIGHTY SOUTH AUSSIES

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