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DAIRY $4.50 SAVE ea UP TO $2.30 Brownes dairy AUSTRALIA'S OLDEST DAIRY EST. 1886 ANILLA BEAN all natural Brownes Natural Yoghurt 1kg (Excludes Greek Style) $0.45 per 100g 90$ SAVE 50¢ UP TO Extra creamy yoghurt 1kg 70g Pauls $120 SAVE UP TO 80¢ Pauls Custard Pouch 70g $1.71 per 100g $550 GREAT VALUE Pauls 70g NET DAIRY GOODNESS FOR GROWING KIDS BLYCY chocolate Custard ✓source of calcium ✓low in fat ✔no artificial colours ✓ no preservatives ✓gluten free SOUTH $250 SAVE UP TO 50¢ Wicked Sister High Protein Puddings 170g $1.47 per 100g $265 AUSTRALIA TRY ME! Wicked Sister -HIGH- PROTEIN CHOCOLATE PUDDING 15G PROTEIN NO ADDED SUGAR 170 9 NEW PRODUCT Paris Creek Farms ORGANIC DAIRY 500g SOUTH AUSTRALIA The Yoghurt Factory 180g $1.47 per 100g $355 SAVE UP TO 45¢ SOUTH YOGHURT THE FACTORY MIXED BERRY MELBOURNE BLACK SWAN MARKET Favourites EST. 1985 FRENCH ONION made with A FRAGRANT INFUSION OF DICED ONIONS AUSTRALIAN MADE GLUTEN FREE 200 g Pauls Kids Yoghurt Squeeze 70g $1.29 per 100g $460 SAVE $1.15 UP TO SERVING SUGGESTION Vanilla Flavoured Yoghurt No Artificial Colours No Artificial Flavours ORIGINAL Flora ProActiv With Plant Sterols clinically proven to Lower Cholesterol Paris Creek Farms Organic Yoghurt 500g $1.10 per 100g $350 SAVE 50¢ UP TO organic bush honey & vanilla yogurt made with bio-dynamic milk live probiotic cultures OOD FOR PURISTS AUSTRALIAN CRAFTED Obela® HOMMUS TO GO WITH SAKATA WHOLEGRAIN RICE CRACKERS 125g e 3.5 250ge Flora ProActiv Spread 250g $1.84 per 100g Obela To Go Snack Dip 125g $2.80 per 100g Obela HOMMUS TO GO HOMMUS CLASSIC Black Swan Dips 200g $1.78 per 100g NEW PROTEIN MADE FOR LIFE $170 TRY ME! Pauls High Protein Plus 160g $1.06 per 100g SERVING SUGGESTION 169 PROTEIN Pauls PLUS+ Protein STRAWBERRY YOGHURT 0.3g FAT NO ADDED SUGAR 98 CAL Pauls PLUS+ Protein VANILLA YOGHURT 0.3g FAT 169 PROTEIN ADDED SUGAR 97 CAL C TORET Pauls HIGH PROTEIN + GREAT TASTE FOODLAND P14 2024 P22

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