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thumbnail - Foodland Catalogue - 3 Apr 2024 - 9 Apr 2024 - Sales products - snack, beef jerky, jerky, Nestlé, Jack Link's, salty snack, crisps, Harvest Snaps, lemonade, energy drink, soft drink, Perrier, mineral water, soda, sparkling water, water, Hill's. Page 21.
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$60 ea EVERY DAY! SNAPSEAL FRESHNESS CLOSURE BIG SHARE BAG Calbee HARVEST SNAPS BAKED PEA CRISPS NEW LOOK BIGGER PACK Harvest Snaps 230g $2.61 per 100g $2 lea EVERY DAY! ORIGINAL SALTED LESS SOURCE SODIUM LESS THAN 100 CALORIES COMPARED TO REGULAR POTATO CS LA & FAT FIBRE MATHSTAR ice NET 230 BAKED GREEN PEA CRISPS ORIGINAL TASTE Original ePUB COLA 21 PUB SQUASH LEMON SODA SQUASH $145 ea EVERY DAY! SNACKS & DRINKS Everyday LOW PRICES on snacks to share ADELAIDE HILLS soda water ADELAIDE HILLS lemonade SOUTH AUSTRALIA Tru Blu Soft Drinks 2 Litre $1.00 per litre $4ea EVERY DAY! $150 ea EVERY DAY! Perrier Sparkling Water 1 Litre $4.00 per litre $250 EVERY DAY! perrien EAU MINERALE NATURELLE AC ADJONCTION DE GAY CARSONIQUE MET TOEVOEGING VAN DORGAS ORIGINAL ค ก @ Waterfords Mineral Water 1 Litre $1.50 per litre $350 EVERY DAY! Foodland Soft Drinks 1.25 Litre $1.16 per litre Waterfords Lite & Fruity NO ADDED SUGAR LEMON LIME BITTERS LOW JOULE FLAVOURED NATURAL MINERAL WATER 1L 1.25 litre FOODLAND THE MIGHTY SOUTH AUSSIES 125 litre FOODLAND THE MIGHTY SOUTH AUSSIES $680 EVERY DAY! Allen's or Nestlé Share Bags 300-340g $5 ea FAMILY SIZE Allen's No artificial colow Australian made Freckles Choc Buds with 100s d 1000s! 340g EVERY DAY! Be treatwise JACK LINK'S SNACKS V Energy Drink 250ml $10.00 per litre VU U GUARANA ENERGY DRINK 250 mL Jarritos Soda 370ml $9.46 per litre FOODLAND P14 2024 P21 MADE IN MEXICO JARRITOS Mexican Cola Natural Flavor Soda Jack Link's Beef Jerky 50g $10.00 per 100g ORIGINAL BEEF JERKY SLOW COOKED AND SMOKED GOOD PROTEIN SOURCE Jacklink MADE IN NEW ZEALAND NET WT. 50g IGA FOODLAND THE MIGHTY SOUTH AUSSIES

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