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PANTRY $380 SAVE $1.60 UP TO $575 SAVE UP TO $1.45 natVia Sugar FIX D HAZELNUT SPREAD SUGAR FREE 98% New IMPROVED RECIPE Bega Peanut Butter e 375 -CRUNCHY e 3759 Natvia 350g NET Hazelnut Spread 350g $1.64 per 100g $40 SAVE UP TO ea $1.00 Green's Australian since 1978 LOADS OF ICING $440 ea SAVE $1.10 UP TO Vegemite 40% Less Salt 235g $1.87 per 100g $550 40% LESS SALT VEGEMITE BVITAMINS FOR VITALITY e 235 g GREAT VALUE PROUDLY MADE IN AUSTRALIA QUEEN -EST 1897- READY TO ROLL ICING WHITE 86 TASTE essert hi supports yo essential FOLATE BJOYAS PRICE 600 g 36 Bega Peanut Butter Never Oily, Never Dry Smooth Bega Peanut Butter 375g $1.01 per 100g $350 SAVE 70 UP TO Green's Cake Mix 380-630g Made & Owned 555g PREMIUM CAKE MITE $620 SERVING SUGGESTICK ONLY SAVE $1.50 UP TO TEMPTATIONS Supreme Vanilla Bean Cake RICH & MOIST natVia Sugar FIX'D natVia 200 Sugar FIX'D I'm the 100% NATURAL Sweetener 200 Tablets Queen Ready to Roll White Icing 600g $0.92 per 100g $270 SAVE UP TO 29¢ HAPPY SWEET Dale Pineapple Chunks in Juice Queen Sugar Free Maple Flavoured Syrup 355ml $0.99 per 100ml $450 ea SAVE $1.00 UP TO 75g NET QUEEN Sugar Free MAPLE FLAVOURED SYRUP WITH ABSOLUTELY NO ARTIFICIAL COLOURS FLAVOURS ORIGINAL 355 mL Altimate Natvia Sweetener Tablets 100% Natural 200 Pack Altimate Funtime Cones 75g $6.00 per 100g Funtime Traditional WAFER CONES A traditional style wafer cone ready to be filled with your favourite ice cream ALTIMATE Creators of Innovative Cones and Wafers 12g 301 NET 30.1 Serving suggestion $5ea SAVE $1.30 UP TO C Chandler's PURE HONEY -Made by Nature- 500g Australian Perfect for Dole NET WT. 43 Pineapple in Juice 432g $0.63 per 100g $560 SAVE $1.40 UP TO PER 48 SERVE Pop. tarts Cookies & Crème Frosted Chandler Honey Squeeze 500g $1.00 per 100g Kellogg's Pop Tarts 384g $1.46 per 100g 384g TOASTER PASTRIES FOODLAND P14 2024 P14

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