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thumbnail - Foodland Catalogue - 3 Apr 2024 - 9 Apr 2024 - Sales products - bagels, sausage rolls, pie, cake, buns, crumpets, toast bread, flatbread, pastries, meat pie, pizza dough, quiche, cookies, Celebration, crumpet squares, frosting, corn flakes, sultanas, dried fruit, cocktail, Bakers, Hill's. Page 12.
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BAKERY BUY SA. FOR SA. $18.9 ea FAMILY TRADITION VILIS Family Bakery Founded 1968 $375 ea SAVE $3.75 UP TO HALF PRICE Mighty Soft Cafe Style Raisin Toast 600g $0.63 per 100g $330 SAVE $1.30 UP TO MADE Love Mighty Soft Cafe RAISIN TOAST 600g Mighty Soft STYLE REMION 12 Little Vili's QUALITY MISSION PIZZA BASE PLAIN $300 ea SAVE $1.90 UP TO No artificial colours or flavours LOW IN SUGAR 425 g Golden 6 BAKERY Crumpet Squares EXTRA THICK Golden Bakery Crumpet Squares 6 Pack $0.50 each $450 SAVE $1.00 UP TO RK STYLE BA AUTHE THE ORIGINAL- KETTLE BOILED AND COLD FERMENTED SOURCE OF ARTIFICIAL FREE PROTEIN PIESERVATIVES of MADE IN AUSTRALIA GOURMET PARTY QUICHE 480g Net Vili's Quality Assorted Pastries. Vili's Little Gourmet or Cocktail Quiche Range 480-800g $70 ea BUY LOCAL DULWICH BAKERY 200 g FLATBREADS OF WORLD- Mission Pizza Base 200g $1.65 per 100g $330 GREAT VALUE New York Bagel Range 4 Pack 400g $1.13 per 100g $4 ea SOUTH AUSTRALIA GREAT VALUE MEAT PIE BALFOURS REAL POTATO RB POTATO NEW BUNS the taste of New NYBagels CLASSIC BAGELS 4 PACK AUTHENTIC NEW YORK STYLE ZZOLLS SOUTH AUSTRALIA CORNFLAKE COOKIES A CRUNCHY AND SWEET FAMILY FAVOURITE WITH SULTANAS AND CRISPY CORNFLAKES 300g CRAFTED & HANDMADE SOUTH AUSTRALIAN FAMILY OWNED 3RD GENERATION BAKERS 4 PAGK riviera bakery Dulwich Bakery Cookies 300-350g $7.a ea SUPPORT SA 1758 Balfours Traditional Pies, Pasties or Sausage Rolls 150-175g $4.95 GREAT VALUE Riviera Bakery American Potato Buns 4 Pack 60g $1.00 each $830 SAVE $1.00 UP TO EMMALINE'S ADELAIDE HILLS Emmalines Cakes 450-550g (Selected Varieties) BANANA PASSIONFRUIT CAKE A SOFT MOIST BANANA CAKE TOPPED WITH A GENEROUS SERVE OF DELICIOUS PASSIONFRUIT ICING 530g NET fresh bake Since 1996 6 Apricot Rounds 255ge HAND FINISHED Red Velvet -CAKE- Red Velvet Cake filled with Indulgent cream cheese frosting and topped with white choc flakes AUSSIE MADE! NO ARTIFICIAL COLOURS OR FLAVOURS 450€ Fresh Bake Apricot Lattice Rounds 6 Pack $0.83 each The Happy Cake Co Celebration Cakes 420-450g FOODLAND P14 2024 P12

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