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thumbnail - Foodland Catalogue - 3 Apr 2024 - 9 Apr 2024 - Sales products - Tip Top, toast bread, wraps, butternut squash, sandwich, milk, crackers, Tim Tam, biscuit, Sakata, rice crackers, seaweed, coffee, Aussie, dietary supplement, vitamins. Page 11.
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$230 EVERY DAY! 2.0 90ge NET SAKATAⓇ® SA..KA..TA SEAWEED RICE CRACKERS MADE WITH REAL SEAWEED NATURAL FLAVOURS GLUTEN 97 CALORIES PER SERVE 100g NET SAKATA SA..KA..TA MADE WITH ONLY ORIGINAL 3 INGREDIENTS PLAIN RICE CRACKERS Sakata Rice Crackers 90-100g $4.90 ea EVERY DAY! GLUTEN FREE 102 CALORIES PERSERVE Helga's Bread Range 650-850g HELGA'S HELGA'S TRADITIONAL WHITE 750 g MIXED GRAIN $4ea EVERY DAY! Buttercup $650 EVERY DAY! BAKERY & BISCUITS EL HERE HIGH FIBRE Everyday LOW PRICES on tasty crackers Praka SA es STORAGE INSTRUCTIONS INGREDIENTS: W Modified Tapioca Stash A CONTAINS SOY & EGE MAY CONTAIN MA NUTRITIONAL INFORMATION Savings per pack&(10 sett 450 10% cly intakes are based on an average adut of BOOK! Your day is may be higher a lower depending of 850 g $440 EVERY DAY! SOUTH AUSTRALIA LifeStyle Bakery Gluten Free Soft N Light Range 500g $1.30 per 100g NEW LifeStyle BAKERY GLUTEN FREE Soft Light 5009 HIGH FIBRE WHITE Celebrating 20 years in Gluten Free $5 ea EVERY DAY! Buttercup Buttercup Country Split Bread 450g Country Split Tip Top The One White $0.89 per 100g $5ea EVERY DAY! FOR QUALITY AUSSIE ARNOTT'S Family FAVOURITES™ NET5009 7 of your favourites BISCUITS Milk Coffee. Teddy Bear Chec Ripple. Scotch Finger Butternut Snap™. Milk Arrowroot™. Nice™ Arnott's Family Assorted Biscuits 500g $1.00 per 100g FOODLAND P14 2024 P11 700g Wraps GLUTEN FREE Resealable Packaging Bread 700g $0.63 per 100g $550 EVERY DAY! The TIPTOP -BAKERY One HIGH IN FIBRE VITAMINS & MINERALS SOURCE OF PROTEIN Soft White Sandwich Mission Wraps 288-567g 8 Pack 567 g NET The Authente Tradition mission Wraps ORIGINAL Super Soft $4 ea EVERY DAY! ARNOTT'S FARMBAKE The Taste of Home 05 CARNOTT'S TimTam 28 BISCUITS NET 385g FAMILY PACK Original HADE WITH IRRESISTIBLE REAL CHOCOLATE Arnott's Tim Tam Value Pack 365g $1.51 per 100g Arnott's Farmbake Biscuits 310g $1.29 per 100g Chocolate Chip IGA FOODLAND THE MIGHTY SOUTH AUSSIES eNet 310g Biscuits

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