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Easter in Australia is an annual holiday like many countries except that it occurs during autumn. Its origin as a Christian celebration of Jesus’s death and resurrection remains significant today. However, it has also become a major cultural holiday among the general population. During this time, people exchange chocolate Easter eggs, eat hot cross buns, and wish each other a Happy Easter. Parents may also give Easter presents and cards to their children, often featuring the Easter Bunny (or bilby in Australia).

The exact dates vary year to year but Easter occurs either in March or April. It follows the spring equinox in the Northern Hemisphere, setting Easter Sunday as the first Sunday after the first full moon of spring. The tradition begins with Easter Thursday, which marks the Last Supper of Jesus. It is not a public holiday but many Australians take the day off (or the week off) to extend their holidays. This period is also the end of the school term, which means children are anticipating the Easter fun.

Officially, the Easter holidays or the ‘long weekend‘ starts on Good Friday, which is a national public holiday observing Jesus’s crucifixion and death. Most shops, restaurants and offices close for the day. People may go camping, visit family, or enjoy a short trip for the Easter weekend. Christians attend church services and many refrain from eating meat.

Easter Saturday and Sunday continues the tradition as a public holiday in most Australian states.  In general, shops and restaurants open for the increased sales. Local events such as Easter shows, parades, fairs, markets, or Easter Egg hunts entertain children and adults. Significantly, Easter Sunday is a day for celebrating Jesus’s resurrection and return. Christians attend church services while others enjoy their chosen activities.

The last day of the holidays is Easter Monday, which is a national public holiday. Most shops and businesses close but some restaurants may open charging a 10-15% extra. Easter shows and parades may continue, providing live music and entertainment for all.

Easter offer

All major retailers offer huge Easter sales such as Coles, Woolworths, IGA, Aldi, Foodworks or Big W. Popular items for shopping include homewares, electronics, DVDs, clothing, footwear, toys and more.

Visit your nearest store or check their catalogues for the latest Easter ideas.

Easter shopping

In the lead up to Easter, shops decorate their store front with Happy Easter images to promote the event. Departments stores and supermarkets bring their Easter stock out for sale. They include chocolate, hamper, cards, food, and more. Shoppers find great discounts on household items such as appliances, computers, furniture, home decor and equipment.

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