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thumbnail - Drakes Catalogue - 3 Apr 2024 - 9 Apr 2024 - Sales products - sausage rolls, lemons, fish fillets, hoki fish, chicken tenders, bacon, salami, sausage stick, kabanos, frankfurters, ice cream, ice cream bars, Golden Gaytime, McCain. Page 9.
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KR SHORT CUT BACON $1050 $460 SAVE $4 KR Castlemaine Short Cut Rindless Bacon 630g $16.67 per kg DON Is Don. Is Good. SINCE INT THE WINNING FOOTY FEED SAVE $1.80 Chapman's Kabanos 250g $18.40 per kg Primo ORIGINAL 200g twiggy sticks Bulla Creamy Bulla Creamy CLASSICS VANILLA DON FOOTY FRANKS $4. SAVE $2.65 Dons Skinless Footy Franks 375g $10.67 per kg $550 SAVE $2.40 Primo Original Twiggy Sticks 200g $27.50 per kg JATZ SHOPES PLASTIC FREE PACTIONS Chicken Cri ORIGINALS & Tasty Cheese McCain 1/2 PRICE $475 SAVE $4.75 $4.60 ea SAVE $1.20 Dairy or Freezer 9 McCain Pub Style Beer Batter Chips Bulla Creamy Classics Ice Cream Sticks, Sandwich or Cones 4 Pack or Wedges 750g $6.13 per kg McCain PUB STYLE EXTRA CRISPY Golder Go 1/2 price Golden Gaytime OAK $5.. SAVE $5 Streets Golden Gaytime 4 Pack You're CRAVING CHIPS aren't beef be you? W W creamy $450 SAVE $2 Weight Watchers Meals 300g-330g Patties 12 Patties Party Pies CLASSIC BEEF Spogles CRUMBED CHICKEN BREAS TENDERS Singles & Snaps CHICKEN BREAST TENDERS HJ BEER BATTER HJ LEMON CRUMB AUSTRALIAN WILD CAUGHT HOKI Serving $270 SAVE 70¢ Arnott's Jatz, Clix, Shapes & Cheese 30g-33g 12 PIECES $580 SAVE $3.90 Patties Sausage Rolls or Pasties 12 Pack $6.30 ea SAVE $4.20 Steggles Chicken Tenders 400g $15.75 per kg $550 ea SAVE $1.50 I & J Australian Wild Caught Hoki Fillets 6 Pack 425g $12.94 per kg ingredients for every day Registered Trade Mark of George Weston Foods Limind. All rights r

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