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thumbnail - Cheap as Chips Catalogue - 3 Apr 2024 - 9 Apr 2024 - Sales products - cabinet, drawer cabinet, hanging basket, Mentos, Kellogg's, Pop-Tarts, snack bar, chips, water, dishwasher tablets, Rexona, deodorant, basket, pot, knitting wool, work socks, potting mix, mint, garden hose. Page 7.
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CHIPPIE live Cheaper with Cheap everyday Brunnin Easy Wetta POTTING MIX 25 Spend Less Time Watering Por all pots and hanging baskets Rich blend of composted organic materials saves water superior water resenti potting mix with easy wetta granules 25 litre HA5336 single buy $5.99 Cheap everyday 3 FOR $14 mega 4 drawer cabinet black & white KT221 Cheap everyday ONLY $49 each TUSSOCK HOSE FITTED garden hose with connections. 15 metre HA9041 Cheap everyday ONLY $12 each 3 pack work socks assorted colours CA2688 single buy $6 Fruit mint Cheap everyday 3 FOR $10 mentos Mentos 405g 3 assorted LA3217/8/LS180 itos Cheap everyday ONLY $4.99 each Careworx folding commode AA15209 кор. tarts Chocotastic Kellogg's pop-tarts assorted 8 pack BA10451/10704/14091 BA15279 Cheap everyday ONLY $129 each Pop tarts Strawberry Fle Cheap everyday ONLY $599 each 8 ply 100gm acrylic yarn assorted colours single buy $2.99 Lollilar Cheap everyday 4 FOR $10 Lolliland Snakes Party Mix Funmakers confectionery assorted 110g-180g single buy $2.69 olliland Choc Bullets Cheap everyday 3 FOR $550 BRILLIANT CLEANING POWER Rexona ORIGINAL Rexona sexy bouquet 150g 48h Rexona Rexona deodorant 145g-150g assorted single buy $4.49 Cheap everyday 2 FOR $799 finish CLASSIC Finish Classic dish tabs 110pk regular or lemon BA11174/BC233 finish 110 TA Cheap everyday ONLY $1899 each Radian Commercial Blend Cussons Radiant Commercial Blend Radiant commercial blend 2kg powder BA8666 2 litre liquid BC020 Cheap everyday ONLY $799 each Cheap AS CHips

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