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thumbnail - Cheap as Chips Catalogue - 3 Apr 2024 - 9 Apr 2024 - Sales products - table, chips, fish, pet bed, travel dog kennel, cat scratcher, cat toilet, aquarium, rustle tunnel, cage, cat bed, cat litter tray. Page 3.
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CAT FUN TO THE MAX Louise cat scratcher 50x40x83cm PC262 CATALOGUE SALE now on SAVE $50 $129 each bird flight cage with accessories 81x54x157cm green or black BA7933/14113 BIG BLACK DOT SAVE $100 $249. CLEARANCE cat scratcher mini play centre 24cm BA12765 3.1 CATALOGUE SALE now on SAVE $3 $15 each Sherie cat bed 3 assorted colours 42x32x35cm C1001035 CATALOGUE SALE now on SAVE $10 $39 each plush cat tunnel 4 assorted colours 90x25cm PC073 CATALOGUE SALE now on SAVE $2 $20 each Suitable for 2 Cats hide away no mess cat litter box PC207 CATALOGUE SALE now on SAVE $5 $40 CATALOGUE SALE now on SAVE $5 $29 each cat litter trap mat dual mat 58x53cm PC049 each metal wire animal cage kit 101x45x54cm 2 assorted CATALOGUE SALE now on SAVE $30 $99 PA4734/5 deep cat litter tray 2 assorted colours 61x45x25cm PC117 ONLY $29 each ONLY $69 tiny pet bed assorted colours 38x28x10cm PA4710 ONLY $10 each large travel kennel each 2 assorted colours 70x52x52cm BA7978 each NATURAL COLOR" NATURAL COLOR SEA-TREASURE Action-Aquarium Ornament V aquarium air operated treasure chest or coral C1006499/500 CATALOGUE SALE now on SAVE $3 $15 each AQUARIUM GRAVEL TABLE FOR FO AINTAIN PRODATUD aquarium gravel gloss black or multi colour 2kg 5-8mm stones BA12377/14292/PA4702 AQUARIUM GRAVEL ONLY $875 each assorted fish plants C1006519-23/PA4714/20-7 FROM $250 each Chrap AS CHips

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